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a novel by Tessa Van Wade



a novel by Tessa Van Wade



a novel by Tessa Van Wade



a novel by Tessa Van wade






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    Sugar is my downfall…for sure. If I am going to cheat, it’s going to be with something that is available within the walls of Willy Wonka’s factory. When I first started eating really clean, it used to be that my cheat day was an excuse to have anything and everything I wanted. In high school when I was still new to this eating healthy business, one of my friends, Sara, and I used to pig out on EVERYTHING. Anything you can think of, that’s what we would have. We would make cookies, lemon bars, eat fast food, and all that screamed comfort in a sugar coma sort of way. I would get so full that I was in pain and I would lay on the couch and groan.

    Then, my cheat days started getting a little smarter. Instead of eating a zillion things from my dreams, I would get one or two things and eat them all day long. This worked for a while.

    Yet as my pallet started to change and my stomach shrunk, so did my ability to eat anything and everything that I wanted. Now it was affecting my sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night with heavy sweats or sick to my stomach. So let’s just say, by body stopped being able to tolerate what it used to.

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    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Metabolism

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    Sometimes, by the time people come to me, many of them have already dieted so much that their metabolism is sitting in neutral. You can usually tell because their calories are low yet they are heavier than they would like to be. If you have ever over-trained or over dieted, you might be in this group. This is a little different than just a slow metabolism because of over eating and a sedentary life.

    Unfortunately all of the damage that has been done over the years, does not go away in one week or even one month, but I’ll spend a year or more working with someone.

    This used to be me. I was working out for two hours a day, but eating probably one thousand calories. It didn’t start that way, but every time my body stalled I had to eat less and work harder. I didn’t know all of the tricks to beating a plateau then. All I knew was skinny came at a price.
    My mom talks about the 1980′s and all of the fad diets that popped up. She and many of her friends, I am sure, froze their metabolism without realizing it.

    Here is what I do:

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    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Food Charting App, May Challenge 2015

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    This months challenge for Tessa Van Wade Fitness Facebook Page – — is to begin tracking your intake of food on a fitness app. The one I use is myfitnesspal. I  always ask my clients to try this for a while… simply because we don’t know what our problems are, until we see them in front of our faces. Everyone who has ever struggled with weight (too little or too much… or who needs to gain muscle etc.) needs to chart what they are eating at some point in their life–at least for a while.

    It can teach you so much. Let me help you understand the basics so that it WILL teach you what you need to know.


    Sugar, Carbs, and Bad Fats are the main reasons that people have trouble losing weight.

    I believe there are different kinds of people. Let me try and separate it into three different types. Continue reading “Charting your food–the basics” »


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Attacking Trouble Spots, Exercising, Family History, fitness and health, Weight Loss

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    There are so many reasons why people don’t lose weight. So I am going to try and set up a list that is plain and simple for all of you that wonder. I’ve had some clients that have struggled for years, but once we finally find the culprit, they start shedding the body fat. Here’s the truth…it is never the same for each person.

    First off, the way to figure out which one (or more) on the list is specific to you, you need to give yourself two to four weeks to try ONE thing. Never try more than one at the same time.  If you have no results after trying something for up to four weeks, move on to the next possibility.

    Here are the reasons you may not be losing weight:

    1. Food. 95% of the time, my clients are not seeing results because they have not cleaned up their diet. And the honest truth is that when it gets down to it, I have noticed many people don’t even understand what they are doing wrong. I will write another post about the many things that people think are good for you, but actually aren’t.

    But here is a small idea about it…

    I hear this all the time,”I am eating great, why am I not losing weight?”

    After they tell me a couple of things, I send them to or another app of their choice, and make sure they chart their diet for a little while. This opens up sooooo many truths!

    So start charting!!! Continue reading “7 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight” »


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: favorite products

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    I am always searching for that perfect workout pant. There has to be a combination of cool (it gets hot here in Hawaii), flexibility, and straight up awesomeness for me to be happy with a pant. Come on, is awesomeness too much to ask?

    Once I found LuluLemon a few years ago, I was sold. There was nothing better than their leggings. The Wonder Unders stayed up even during runs and high intensity intervals, AND most importantly they were cool–I can’t just sweat all over my clients, you know. The only problem I have had with Lululemon is well…the price…and a couple holes…but to be fair, I have worn them into the ground. Was it ever intended to wear workout leggings everyday? Cause I do. Every. Damn. Day.

    Yet I have never stopped searching for more. I want more diversity in my closet…and honestly I love wearing just plain black, but my personality and style tends to need something a little different/unique every once in a while. I’ve always been this strange dichotomy of tomboy (movies, sports, athleticism, even fashion) meets uber girly (long nails, shy, pink, dresses, wedges, etc.). Gwen Stefani in her baggy cargo pants with chains, wrist bands, and bright red lipstick is an example.


    Every once in a while I get online trying to search for something to train my clients in that isn’t just normal and boring and I always get the same thing.

    Until now! I started noticing a couple of my favorite girls…Michelle Lewin and Sue Lasmar wearing some fun clothes. It started with a pair of harem pants that I fell in love with.

    I kept trying to find the information on them…then finally I saw it. LA BELLA MAFIA. has some of the best leggings…some a little wild…sexy…fun…whatever you want. Unfortunately they’re not still selling the harem pants that I want, but I did order a pair of leggings.

    Here they are…

    La Bella Mafia workout pants are Tessa Van Wade's new favorite! La Bella Mafia workout pants are Tessa Van Wade's new favorite!






    What I like about them: Flattering, easy to get on, stays up while working out, and just has really good style. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am not sweating when I wear them.

    I was so excited to find them!

    I’m waiting for more styles to choose from and I’m going to order more. Hopefully they’ll put out the harem pants that I really wanted…

    So if you are looking to try something fun and interesting that fits well, try these. I also noticed that the women who modeled them on the website are all muscular so I knew I could order my normal size and they would fit fine.

    xoxo, Tessa

    p.s.- is not affiliated with…I just really love their products and thought you would like them too.


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    One of my clients, Jim (who I promised to write about this week), is sixty-six years old and one of the funniest men I’ve ever had the opportunity to train. He says some of the most off-the-wall things, but I absolutely love that about him. When you meet him, you think this guy’s been fit his whole life–he has golfed and done spin for many years–but what people don’t realize is that two years ago, he had a mini heart attack. One day he felt something in his chest and the next day his body basically told him…something’s wrong. Being on an island, he had to fly over to Oahu to get help. When all was finished, the doctor told him, “Work out as hard as you ever have before.”

    It’s not like Jim was out of shape. He was thin and tall…but when it really got down to it, it had to do with genetics and some lifestyle choices. He didn’t weigh too much…he didn’t look like a heart attack’s primary victim. Continue reading “From Heart Attack To HEALTHY…Jim’s Story” »


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    This sounds like such a strange title, but I sat for a long time trying to think of one that says exactly what I wanted it to say…and this was it. Let’s not read this with the intention of hating our cellulite, rather let’s read this with the idea that there might actually be a reason for it, and a possible solution…and if anyone has had the hardest time dispelling cellulite from their body…it’s me!

    Here’s why…

    I spent a long time wondering why certain ways of working out worked for some, but didn’t work for others…For Example, I spent years doing Tracey Anderson and while it dropped some weight off my body, it never changed the cellulite on my legs. It was still there after two years…in fact, it was possibly worse. Yet Gwyneth Paltrow was able to do it for a year, drop her baby weight, and seem to be as smooth as ever. You might see the hole in my dissatisfaction, but I didn’t…for a long time.

    Finally, after so many years…I finally found a use for cellulite. It’s no longer just the annoying, lumpy, adipose tissue on my thighs. In fact, it was my cellulite that spoke the most to me when helping me figure out how to guide ladies when they ask what they should do to workout.

    Continue reading “How Cellulite Can Actually Lead You The Right Way” »


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Gain Weight to Lose Muscle

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    This is a continuation of my Blog Post, Gaining Weight To Lose BodyFat. Find it here:

    For years, in my mind, I was supposed to fit the virtues and look of a woman. Somewhere deep within, this meant small, pretty, dainty…and strangely…fragile. Yes, fragile or weak was something that subconsciously I was trying to obtain. I can’t say why, but it was just one of those things to which there was no answer.


    Last week, squatting #235.

    So when I started to gain weight by working out more and eating plenty of clean food, it was difficult to wrap my brain around gaining weight while gaining muscle. In my warped brain I was feeling as though I was being pulled away from the very woman that I assumed I should be. The first time I stepped on the scale and was up fifteen pounds, yet I looked better…was so frustrating. For the first time in my life, my cellulite was disappearing…I looked more muscular, but I was smooth. Yet I weighed fifteen pounds more. Ugh. I had lots of muscle. Ugh. I should be small. I’m already 5’8…I don’t want people to think I’m man-ish. Ugh. Continue reading “The Strength Of A Woman” »

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