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    This sounds like such a strange title, but I sat for a long time trying to think of one that says exactly what I wanted it to say…and this was it. Let’s not read this with the intention of hating our cellulite, rather let’s read this with the idea that there might actually be a reason for it, and a possible solution…and if anyone has had the hardest time dispelling cellulite from their body…it’s me!

    Here’s why…

    I spent a long time wondering why certain ways of working out worked for some, but didn’t work for others…For Example, I spent years doing Tracey Anderson and while it dropped some weight off my body, it never changed the cellulite on my legs. It was still there after two years…in fact, it was possibly worse. Yet Gwyneth Paltrow was able to do it for a year, drop her baby weight, and seem to be as smooth as ever. You might see the hole in my dissatisfaction, but I didn’t…for a long time.

    Finally, after so many years…I finally found a use for cellulite. It’s no longer just the annoying, lumpy, adipose tissue on my thighs. In fact, it was my cellulite that spoke the most to me when helping me figure out how to guide ladies when they ask what they should do to workout.

    The answer is simple, yet we have such a hard time understanding it.

    Here’s my example:

    No matter what I did, my cellulite would not go away. To this day, it wants to fight me every step of the way. My cellulite was the kind that was just there. I didn’t have to pinch my legs together to make it happen…it just was. It was there when I walked, when I stood, and when I ran. It started when I gained wait in high school and just never disappeared.  Here is another quality of my cellulite… No matter how much weight I lost, my cellulite on my legs did not get any better.

    Okay, so I kept trying to do things that a woman would do for exercise…you know to keep that feminine look…But my cellulite never changed–Pilates, yoga, Tracey Anderson–it never changed. I lost weight everywhere, but stayed just as lumpy as before.

    Then I started to eat more to build muscle and lift heavy. For the first time in many, many years, my cellulite started to decrease. Slowly but surely, my legs started to smooth out.

    Which brought me to my theory:

    If you have a tendency to have cellulite, or you’ve ever been heavy before, or your mother has bad cellulite, or no matter how small you get you keep the lumpy appearance…the best thing for you is to lift heavy weights. You need to forget about the worries that you have about getting bigger–building lean muscle is the only way to squelch the lumpy appearance.

    If you get soft and heavy, but you never seem to be too covered in cellulite, you are of the variety that simply need to watch what you eat and be consistent in your workout routine. Your body doesn’t have a tendency for the lumps so you can choose any kind of routine and as long as you stick to it, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

    The reason is simple, once you create those pockets, the only thing that will decrease them is if muscle fills the space.

    I’ve seen it time and again. So when people ask me now whether they will be able to get rid of cellulite, I have to take a moment and figure out their body. The other trick is that you WILL NOT lose cellulite if you are not eating plenty of clean food to support the lean muscle growth.

    So if you have ever been wondering whether you should do yoga, pilates, or weight lifting, this might be your answer. If you have a tendency for cellulite, you will more than likely need to lift heavy weights to get rid of it.

    I always wondered why High Intensity Intervals like the DVD’s “Insanity” never got rid of my cellulite. Now I know. It’s pure cardio! I was burning my food and calories, but not building the muscle beneath that I needed to eventually get lean.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Some Will NOT agree with me…nor will some understand, but I’m here to say this is just what I have seen with my clients…and Mostly myself.

    My cellulite did not disappear until I lifted heavy. I had to encourage the space that used to be taken up by fat, to be filled with muscle.

    Here is my latest girl that I love… Sue Lasmar. She’s beautiful…but most importantly… my height! It seems there aren’t that many out there that are 5’8. Perhaps once we reach the 5’8 mark we are a little more fearful of that powerful muscle. But my mind is changed…who the hell cares?










    Dig in deep and don’t worry about cellulite! Let it guide you in how you workout. It’s not the worst thing in the world…it’ll just take a bit of work. I just don’t want anyone else to spend so much time trying to get rid of cellulite with something that’s not going to do the trick.

    If you have cellulite but you didn’t want to Lift Heavy Weights, I’m sorry to say that maybe you should allow me to change your mind. Or else you might find yourself two years down the road from now, just like I did–working out for hours a day–but never finding a change in the pesky dimply thighs.

    Overall make sure your are simply pushing yourself to new heights. Get pumped and ready…enjoy life and hit the weights hard. Make sure you can take care of yourself now and forever.






    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Gain Weight to Lose Muscle

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    This is a continuation of my Blog Post, Gaining Weight To Lose BodyFat. Find it here:

    For years, in my mind, I was supposed to fit the virtues and look of a woman. Somewhere deep within, this meant small, pretty, dainty…and strangely…fragile. Yes, fragile or weak was something that subconsciously I was trying to obtain. I can’t say why, but it was just one of those things to which there was no answer.


    Last week, squatting #235.













    So when I started to gain weight by working out more and eating plenty of clean food, it was difficult to wrap my brain around gaining weight while gaining muscle. In my warped brain I was feeling as though I was being pulled away from the very woman that I assumed I should be. The first time I stepped on the scale and was up fifteen pounds, yet I looked better…was so frustrating. For the first time in my life, my cellulite was disappearing…I looked more muscular, but I was smooth. Yet I weighed fifteen pounds more. Ugh. I had lots of muscle. Ugh. I should be small. I’m already 5’8…I don’t want people to think I’m man-ish. Ugh. Continue reading “The Strength Of A Woman” »


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: 2015 Challenges

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    I lost quite a bit of weight right after getting really into working out. For someone who is 5’8 and whose body loves muscle, I was down to 130. Yet the thing that baffled me was that I didn’t have the look of my body that I desire. I had the weight that I thought would bring me the body I wanted…why wasn’t I getting what I wanted?

    For example…I have sound legs–truly substantial thick legs. I always have–well before I ever had any trouble with weight. So that just shows you that this is my body. I am capable of leaning out pretty well on my arms and waist, but my legs just never seemed to get it! There was this idea in my head that if I could just get down on the scale then I would have to eventually lean out all over, right? Yet no matter how much weight I continued to lose, I could not lean out my legs. They would get smaller, yes, but not leaner. In fact, they would be softer and have more cellulite. Yet I continued to try. I ate beautifully (in hinds sight, I wasn’t eating with enough strategy…I’ll explain later) and I was working out with intense weighted circuits. No matter what I did, the cellulite was not changing. I did not understand!!!

    It was only when I got so sick of eating perfectly and working out for an hour a day, with no results, that I let go of the concept for a while. Clearly other people know more than me.

    This woman, Michelle Lewin, knew more than me. (she’s my favorite because I have almost the same body type…thick legs and a smaller upper half)



    Ashley Horner knew more than me.



    Jamie Eason knew more than me.











    Continue reading “Gain Weight to Lose Body Fat” »

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