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    Aloha All!

    First off, I want to relish in the fact that I am at home, sitting on my bed, and enjoying a couple of days where I do NOTHING. Life has been so fast paced–which will start again tomorrow–but today I am reborn, as I sit in my white, turqiouse, and gray room, enjoying the warmth of my feet (airplanes always make my feet cold) and the snuggle of a one hundred and sixty-five pound lazy dog.


    I am so excited today…many things are changing…and it’s opened up a new door for me. New doors that I never even thought about. Isn’t it funny how life works? Whenever you think that your motivation is lost, if you are open, something comes in to usher you forward into a new world of passion.

    There have been a few reasons why I’ve been light on the blog posts and videos…

    1. My latest book release. Available on Kindle and paperback, Here.

    There is a lot of marketing that will happen, but ultimately the fact that it has released is a huge weight off of my mind!

    2. Travel…

    Need I explain more?

    3. Growth in business…

    Oh my goodness.

    For several years now, I have only written about our bodies and fitness. While there are always things to write about in fitness…and you are always sending me questions to answer, I feel as though I need a bit more (including the fitness) to keep my creative juices flowing.

    This should be true for us all…

    When you feel pigeon holed, bored, or simply unmotivated, it might just be that you need to try something else. Any size of change, whether big or small, could be just the switch that turns your light back on. I always felt extremely dedicated to purely fitness because that is where I started, but recently we remembered that health applies to all facets of life.

    If you feel stuck in your life…Change something. Change everything. Whatever you do, don’t just sit stagnant. Rock your own world and find something that motivates you…don’t wait for someone else’s permission.

    As soon as I took my walls down and thought outside the box, I started to find my passion again. Writing is my passion… about anything…it doesn’t matter…as long as I am writing. I guess this is what every blogger needs from time to time. Fresh ideas come from constant motion…and my ball was rolling at half speed. I feel it turning faster as my creativity is sparked…by you.

    It was actually some questions from all of you, that made me realize that you all are interested in other things because health is a myriad of life pursuits and situations.

    Okay, so…

    Continue sending in your questions.

    Whatever you want…







    Religion? Politics?  Not so much.

    One of my favorite quotes is this…


     I feel reborn. I am ready to fight another day…

    Are you?







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