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    I got an interesting text from one of my clients the other day and it was such a great reminder of why we need to remember that working out is important for so many more reasons than how we look. We get caught up in our bodies and yes, I know I was right there, but I can’t express enough that it has taken on more than that for me and I hope that I do my best to help you all feel the same way.

    Confidence is HUGE. It changes the way you walk, the way you talk to others, and it changes the way you see the world.

    This client texted me and said that she was walking with her twin sister. They had compared their heart rates. My clients was at 98 to 99. Her twin sisters heart rate, walking at the same pace for the same amount of time, was at 150 to 160.

    Now let me take you into a background on my client. She started at 210 pounds and over the last year has dropped 80 pounds. I still remember the first morning that she walked in and the moment she left that first morning. The way that I trained her back then is night and day compared to how I train her now. She hasn’t just lost tons of weight, she has proven to herself that there was an athlete within her.  She runs seven miles now, and does burpees without a problem (even though she likes to bitch and moan about them). She taught herself how to eat clean. She cheats every once a while. After some time when I was confident that she had dropped plenty of weight, and her calories were inching lower and lower (which you have to, to lose the initial weight) I asked her to make sure to continue to eat with the only restriction being that she had to eat clean. To lose the weight, I just started trying to build her metabolism as best as I could by building muscle as much as I could. Now she has not only reached her goals, but surpassed them.

    These are the kind of transformations I get to see every day with the amazing people I work with. It IS possible…you CAN do it! No, it’s not easy…No, it will not happen over night…Yes, there will be moments you want to give up and give in. Just remember, YOU CAN DO IT! Fight for yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

    xoxo, Tessa


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