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    After working with many frustrated clients, I believe there is a very common reason that people who seem to be doing everything perfect are not getting the results that they want. When you think about burning calories you think of your work outs. You try and calculate how many calories you burn during a workout all the time. But have you ever calculated how many calories you burn at your job?

    Most likely not. This isn’t necessarily a problem for people with fast metabolisms, but with medium to low metabolisms this very well could be a problem.

    Our bodies were meant to move ALL DAY. Yet many of us are sedentary. So we try and make up for that lack of movement by working out really hard for an hour a day and eating clean. And what I am saying is that for some people, this is not enough.

    With my clients, one of the first things I ask is, what do you do for a living?


    SO What Do We Need To Do?

    Figure out how much you are moving and incorporate that into your math when you are figuring out how many calories you are burning. You CANNOT be inactive during the day and get full results.

    We have to get an understanding of your daily routine, so you need some kind of Pedometer. Fit Bits and such are becoming so common, and for a good reason.

    One of my Clients and I have been really keeping track of her heart rate during her workouts from her Fitbit Charge as well as her steps…so it has more benefits than just one.

    So if nothing else seems to be working…make sure your movement during the day is on par. It seriously could be as simple as that. A lot of us blame a slow metabolism, age, thyroid, etc and it very well could be that…but what if it just takes something as simple as making sure you reach your goal of footsteps in a day?!?

    10,000 steps…go get em!















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