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    Some people hate Halloween and I am NOT one of them. I love it. In fact, you know how Christmas celebrating starts nearly two months early? Well, for Halloween I take almost the entire month to watch movies, decorate, and get into the fall spirit. Okay, so the FALL doesn’t happen as much in Hawaii, but the SPIRIT is still there. My brother and sister-in-law watch the tv show Ghost Adventures all the time, and even though it’s a bit OVERdramatic, I found myself watching it the other day. Although I wasn’t scared, I found myself noticing the main guys arms.


    I remember when I was a kid and church had me completely believing that I was worshipping the devil if I liked Halloween. Oh my poor soul, how I thought I was evil for loving Halloween. But you see, the Halloween I love is not the crazy, scare-you-out-of-your-mind, play with a Ouija Board kind–just a suggestion…don’t touch those things! I like movies like GhostBusters, The Haunted Mansion, Charlie Brown and Garfield Halloween, and I’ve even started making The Goonies a routine watch in my house.


    Meet Steve…We create him every year.

    We decorate just a bit. When we first moved to Hawaii, we wondered if people celebrate Halloween here just like they do on the Mainland. Well, let me answer that…

    It is important in Hawaii to NEVER miss an opportunity to celebrate anything! We walked up the hill near our house noticing that all of the houses were dark. Until suddenly we rounded a corner and it was like Jack Skelington had flown down the streets in his Christmas Sleigh spreading Halloween Ghoulishness everywhere. Behind our house we had hit the motherland and found that everyone enjoyed the delightfully, lil’ scary night just like us.

    Now as the fitness person in me, I must say that from the large bags of candy that my kids were given, I allow them to have plenty that night, but after that, we usually end up having the rest of it for months until I throw it out. The girls on normal days are allowed one treat.


    Although I usually don’t write scary novels, my mom has always loved a good scary book. That was how Timberlin was created. I’ve sold many of them, but when I started selling more of my books than I expected, I decided to pull off my first couple of books for more editing. It should be released again, probably by the beginning of next year. But honestly, I never thought I would write scary…but I LOVED writing it.


    We just got back from Disneyland where we went on The Haunted Mansion several times and let me tell you…I am in the mood. For the writing side of me, Halloween brings out so many characters and ideas that I can’t keep up with it. For the Fitness Girl in me…

    Here are some rules I follow:

    1. I don’t fall into the Drink trap. I hate to say it, but one or two of those Pumpkin drinks from Starbucks are all you need. Stick to one a week. Your body will be grateful to not have the instantly carb craving drink!

    2. Always be prepared during parties. Carry a drink in your hand so that you aren’t tempted to keep reaching out for the cookies on the table.

    3. Be the one to bring the CLEAN EATING COOKIE that wins people over! Here’s a recipe for a simple, no bake, clean eating, cookie.


    4. Don’t hold on to the left over candy. After Halloween, take it to your office or throw it out.

    5. Let yourself enjoy Halloween. Have what you want, but don’t make yourself sick. Believe me, I’ve done it.

    ***added bonus tip… Extra cardio on the day of Halloween, take a walk, take a run, go dancing…

    Whatever you do for Halloween, remember to enjoy it.




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