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    Oh lawdy, lawdy, my original post about getting a bubbly booty definitely reminded me that I AM NOT the only one that desires a little more on the backside. I mean come on…it’s one thing to be skinny…it’s another thing to have curves where you need them.

    Putting all vanity reasons aside–which I do not discount–having a strong and muscular butt means so much more to me than I ever thought it would. I used to walk up the stairs and try to connect to my butt. I couldn’t. I used to try and simply squeeze my butt and I couldn’t. This just shows me how disconnected I was from one of the MOST important muscles in my body.

    Why is this one of the most important muscles in our bodies?

    To answer this question, try this for me: Stand up, stand on one foot, lift that foot high behind you and drop the front of your body…almost like you would look like a one legged airplane…

    This might be super difficult for some of you…

    Now what if I told you to concentrate on looking ahead of you at something on the floor and squeeze your butt and thigh on that standing leg while you bend forward?

    It makes it so much easier. Our butts and thighs are the base of our body. With our butts, hips, and thighs nice and strong we have:

    1. Support for our spine

    2. Better balance

    3. A stronger body that will protect us when we lift things. How many people hurt their backs while picking up simple things? MANY.

    Our butts provide so much control and stability for our lives…especially in things such as dancing, martial arts, sports, etc.


    But back to the vanity side of things…good posture and a nice booty do wonders for our statuesque appearance. I used to stand like I had a hundred bricks on my shoulders…my shoulders faced the ground and my hips hit the person standing in front of me in a line. No joke. I was thin after losing weight and I even did strength work but I still had no butt.


    Then I started concentrating on my butt. Specifically, I spent DAYS of working out just on my booty.

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    Here’s my most important advice…

    You have to be connected to everything you do. Don’t lift super heavy weight everyday. Why? Because sometimes super heavy weight doesn’t allow you to squeeze everything that you need to squeeze. Make sure there are light weight and higher rep days so that you can connect to the muscles you are trying to reach.

    I have seen amazing changes in my body since spending two days working on deadlifts, squats, bulgarian split squats, walking lunges, high step ups, bridges, etc.

    When I do, I make sure that I am concentrating. I don’t just go through the motions.

    Weighted bridges should be done ALL THE TIME! If you don’t know what these are, watch my video or better than that, do my video: Small and Curvy Butt workout.

    They are awesome to end a huge booty workout.





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