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    Some people hate Halloween and I am NOT one of them. I love it. In fact, you know how Christmas celebrating starts nearly two months early? Well, for Halloween I take almost the entire month to watch movies, decorate, and get into the fall spirit. Okay, so the FALL doesn’t happen as much in Hawaii, but the SPIRIT is still there. My brother and sister-in-law watch the tv show Ghost Adventures all the time, and even though it’s a bit OVERdramatic, I found myself watching it the other day. Although I wasn’t scared, I found myself noticing the main guys arms.


    I remember when I was a kid and church had me completely believing that I was worshipping the devil if I liked Halloween. Oh my poor soul, how I thought I was evil for loving Halloween. But you see, the Halloween I love is not the crazy, scare-you-out-of-your-mind, play with a Ouija Board kind–just a suggestion…don’t touch those things! I like movies like GhostBusters, The Haunted Mansion, Charlie Brown and Garfield Halloween, and I’ve even started making The Goonies a routine watch in my house.

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    Aloha All!

    First off, I want to relish in the fact that I am at home, sitting on my bed, and enjoying a couple of days where I do NOTHING. Life has been so fast paced–which will start again tomorrow–but today I am reborn, as I sit in my white, turqiouse, and gray room, enjoying the warmth of my feet (airplanes always make my feet cold) and the snuggle of a one hundred and sixty-five pound lazy dog.


    I am so excited today…many things are changing…and it’s opened up a new door for me. New doors that I never even thought about. Isn’t it funny how life works? Whenever you think that your motivation is lost, if you are open, something comes in to usher you forward into a new world of passion.

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