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    Today I was so excited for a fellow personal trainer and his client. The client had suddenly found some success after a while of no success. You see, personal trainers really do care…we want people to find so much success because we know how amazing that feels. Yet there are so many times that we explain to clients how to lose weight and they just don’t believe us.

    Finally this client decided to try our advice. He started eating more. Low and behold, he started to lose weight. For months his weight had been stalled.

    He has a job that makes it difficult to eat all day…so he would go all day without eating, then eat all of his calories in one huge meal at the beginning or the end of the day. He was eating a fairly small amount of calories for his size, but it still wasn’t what he should have been eating.

    Here are the changes he finally made:

    Eat all Day
    Eat plenty of clean calories

    For the first time, he found that the scale started to drop. Oh lucky day.

    I used to have my calories between 1100-1300 (sometimes even lower) and I used to think that I should be proud of myself for having them so low. While they were this low, I was working out a ton with both weights and cardio. I felt as though I was being disciplined and responsible for my health. Yet, even when my calories were low, I was using decently heavy weights, and I was in small sizes of clothes; I was completely uncomfortable naked or in my bathing suit. I had cellulite from my ankles to my thighs. It would not go away, not matter what I did.

    Then, I decided to be a little more relaxed on how much I ate, how many calories I took in from Protein and fats, AND even let in a little bit more carbs… WHAT? Even with more, I ate super clean except for one day a week where I got to cheat on anything.

    At first, I didn’t know what to think of it. I had eaten so little for so long that I was panicked. But it worked.

    The cellulite started to disappear.
    I had more energy.
    I could work out harder.
    AND I could feel the effects on my metabolisms because the scale didn’t fluctuate nearly as much.

    I eat more now than I ever had and I am comfortable with my body. You see, we need to eat clean to find success…but it also has to do with how we build our metabolisms. So make sure that you work on fueling your fire properly. If you feel like your calories are low and you still aren’t losing weight, look at these things:

    Do you understand why we eat? For energy. We need to have just enough to get us through the next couple of hours…the way our body’s work, we can’t have a ton of calories at one time because the food stops being used for energy, which is why keeping food in your body every couple of hours reminds it that it doesn’t have to go into screen saver mode just like our computers do…It has to work to break up just enough calories and nothing is left over…then we fill it again, never allowing our energy to bottom out.

    Eat every two to three hours.

    Eat Protein every two to three hours.

    Make sure it is clean food, unprocessed!

    If your calories are clean and you are sufficiently moving through out the day, then don’t worry about counting calories. Only if you sit all day at your job, then I would encourage a bit lower calories and counting…and a little more cardio than normal. Also, keep your food changing up, meaning that you are naturally implementing higher carb days and lower carb days. I feel like our body needs this…especially if you have been overweight before.

    Lift weights, do a bit of cardio, and a bit of high intensity intervals…but make sure you support ALL of this with eating plenty of clean food.

    So if you ever find yourself saying, “My calories are low and I’m still not losing weight”, remember that it’s not about your calories being low. It’s about having your metabolism on high.

    Trust me! My cellulite didn’t understand low calories. But it understood healthy food.