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    When my girls were babies I found that if I turned on the song ‘To Sir, With Love” when they were crying and I started to sway back and forth, it would immediately relax them. They would simply lay there and stare at me. It was funny that it was just that song. I would put it on repeat and just enjoy the fact that they liked this song as much as I did. I mean, come on, Lulu, Sidney Portier…my dog’s name is Mr. Tibbs…if you get this connection than I have all the faith in you that you appreciate this song as much as I do. If you don’t? To Sir With Love…or Lillies Of The Field…Go. Watch. Them.

    Since I was a little girl I’ve always had a sensitive, but gentle personality. I was always terribly shy and insecure which made me a prime target for a bit of harassment in school. Don’t worry…this is not a lament…As I’ve gotten older, the sensitivity has luckily been shaped by maturity.  My shyness has somewhat dissolved.

    I love my girls. I love them more than life itself. And sometimes I see parts of me in them as they get older. All I can hope is that I am capable of teaching them how to be good human beings and that they are capable of learning to be good human beings.
    And I’m doing my best to give them confidence.

    Yet I’ve realized…It’s not going to be in any compliment or instruction that I give them, rather it’s going to come from my example…my attitude…my words about myself.

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    Sugar is my downfall…for sure. If I am going to cheat, it’s going to be with something that is available within the walls of Willy Wonka’s factory. When I first started eating really clean, it used to be that my cheat day was an excuse to have anything and everything I wanted. In high school when I was still new to this eating healthy business, one of my friends, Sara, and I used to pig out on EVERYTHING. Anything you can think of, that’s what we would have. We would make cookies, lemon bars, eat fast food, and all that screamed comfort in a sugar coma sort of way. I would get so full that I was in pain and I would lay on the couch and groan.

    Then, my cheat days started getting a little smarter. Instead of eating a zillion things from my dreams, I would get one or two things and eat them all day long. This worked for a while.

    Yet as my pallet started to change and my stomach shrunk, so did my ability to eat anything and everything that I wanted. Now it was affecting my sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night with heavy sweats or sick to my stomach. So let’s just say, my body stopped being able to tolerate what it used to.

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    Sometimes, by the time people come to me, many of them have already dieted so much that their metabolism is sitting in neutral. You can usually tell because their calories are low yet they are heavier than they would like to be. If you have ever over-trained or over dieted, you might be in this group. This is a little different than just a slow metabolism because of over eating and a sedentary life.

    Unfortunately all of the damage that has been done over the years, does not go away in one week or even one month, but I’ll spend a year or more working with someone.

    This used to be me. I was working out for two hours a day, but eating probably one thousand calories. It didn’t start that way, but every time my body stalled I had to eat less and work harder. I didn’t know all of the tricks to beating a plateau then. All I knew was skinny came at a price.
    My mom talks about the 1980’s and all of the fad diets that popped up. She and many of her friends, I am sure, froze their metabolism without realizing it.

    Here is what I do:

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    This months challenge for Tessa Van Wade Fitness Facebook Page — — is to begin tracking your intake of food on a fitness app. The one I use is myfitnesspal. I  always ask my clients to try this for a while… simply because we don’t know what our problems are, until we see them in front of our faces. Everyone who has ever struggled with weight (too little or too much… or who needs to gain muscle etc.) needs to chart what they are eating at some point in their life–at least for a while.

    It can teach you so much. Let me help you understand the basics so that it WILL teach you what you need to know.


    Sugar, Carbs, and Bad Fats are the main reasons that people have trouble losing weight.

    I believe there are different kinds of people. Let me try and separate it into three different types. Continue reading


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    There are so many reasons why people don’t lose weight. So I am going to try and set up a list that is plain and simple for all of you that wonder. I’ve had some clients that have struggled for years, but once we finally find the culprit, they start shedding the body fat. Here’s the truth…it is never the same for each person.

    First off, the way to figure out which one (or more) on the list is specific to you, you need to give yourself two to four weeks to try ONE thing. Never try more than one at the same time.  If you have no results after trying something for up to four weeks, move on to the next possibility.

    Here are the reasons you may not be losing weight:

    1. Food. 95% of the time, my clients are not seeing results because they have not cleaned up their diet. And the honest truth is that when it gets down to it, I have noticed many people don’t even understand what they are doing wrong. I will write another post about the many things that people think are good for you, but actually aren’t.

    But here is a small idea about it…

    I hear this all the time,”I am eating great, why am I not losing weight?”

    After they tell me a couple of things, I send them to or another app of their choice, and make sure they chart their diet for a little while. This opens up sooooo many truths!

    So start charting!!! Continue reading