APRIL 2015


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    I am always searching for that perfect workout pant. There has to be a combination of cool (it gets hot here in Hawaii), flexibility, and straight up awesomeness for me to be happy with a pant. Come on, is awesomeness too much to ask?

    Once I found LuluLemon a few years ago, I was sold. There was nothing better than their leggings. The Wonder Unders stayed up even during runs and high intensity intervals, AND most importantly they were cool–I can’t just sweat all over my clients, you know. The only problem I have had with Lululemon is well…the price…and a couple holes…but to be fair, I have worn them into the ground. Was it ever intended to wear workout leggings everyday? Cause I do. Every. Damn. Day.

    Yet I have never stopped searching for more. I want more diversity in my closet…and honestly I love wearing just plain black, but my personality and style tends to need something a little different/unique every once in a while. I’ve always been this strange dichotomy of tomboy (movies, sports, athleticism, even fashion) meets uber girly (long nails, shy, pink, dresses, wedges, etc.). Gwen Stefani in her baggy cargo pants with chains, wrist bands, and bright red lipstick is an example. Continue reading


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    One of my clients, Jim (who I promised to write about this week), is sixty-six years old and one of the funniest men I’ve ever had the opportunity to train. He says some of the most off-the-wall things, but I absolutely love that about him. When you meet him, you think this guy’s been fit his whole life–he has golfed and done spin for many years–but what people don’t realize is that two years ago, he had a mini heart attack. One day he felt something in his chest and the next day his body basically told him…something’s wrong. Being on an island, he had to fly over to Oahu to get help. When all was finished, the doctor told him, “Work out as hard as you ever have before.”

    It’s not like Jim was out of shape. He was thin and tall…but when it really got down to it, it had to do with genetics and some lifestyle choices. He didn’t weigh too much…he didn’t look like a heart attack’s primary victim. Continue reading