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    I ALWAYS encourage people to go after their goals, but part of reaching those goals is being strategic. There’s a mental game that must be played in weight loss and part of that is helping people feel successful and not broken down. It’s very easy to get discouraged…truly. That’s why so many people quit too fast…most likely they have tried to do too much or have set their expectations on a goal that is physically impossible…

    So what do I say to my clients during the holiday season?

    Maintain. Plain and Simple.

    If you can maintain then you have done well!

    Most people gain a good ten pounds during the holidays…yes, it’s because of all the food, but I also think it’s a few other things. So I’ve created a list of things to possibly help with the holidays.

    1. Unless you just have EVERYTHING together and are awesome at this game…Don’t tell yourself that you are going to lose weight before christmas! That’s just unrealistic! A good goal? To stick with the same healthy habits you have already started and just do your best. For example: if you workout four days a week and have certain days of the week that you eat healthy…don’t change that just because it’s Christmas. Continue reading