MAY 2014


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    I live by my gut.

    Anyone who knows me knows this is true. I was just recently with my brother in March and he made a comment when we were talking about tattoos. I explained that for me, tattoos need to be done in the moment of how I feel. They are a reminder of the depth of emotions or the height of a situation that I have just gone through. I know that when I get one, I am going to love it because it reminds me of that moment when I felt something strongly. Other people take a long time to decide because they are so worried they are going to hate that piece of art in a couple of years. I have NEVER once had that thought and I’ve simply gone with my gut every time I have gotten a tattoo.

    I go after things. I listen to my gut.


    My father’s biplane representing his life and passing to a better place.

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    Getting healthy is 80-90% about what we put in our mouths. Yet here is what I have found through my journey and it may help you in yours.

    When I first began losing weight, I started with portion control and eating healthy. It wasn’t until later that I started delving into Pilates, then Yoga, then moving into Circuit Training and High Intensity Intervals.

    During the time that I was just eating smaller portions and conscious of healthier versions of food, I could gain weight back easier. Why? Because my metabolism wasn’t revved. Even though eating healthy is crucial to shedding the pounds, a major ingredient to maintenance is building muscle. Here is why:

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    I remember watching the movie “Gladiator” and besides falling in love with Russell Crowe, I also fell in love with that time. It was so tough and intense. I’m telling my clients constantly that getting fit means that you have to have a warrior’s spirit. So I’ll give one of my readers a chance to be a warrior in the Spartan Race for free.

    It’s only normal that someone would find a reason to bring Rome back to life through an obstacle course.

    And who doesn’t like an obstacle course–the workout that we thrived on as children?

    One race that is gaining ground very quickly after their beginning in May of 2010 is the Reebok Spartan Race. So many people have found that they really enjoy this sort of challenge and it’s creating a fast addiction. Continue reading


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    I have failed exponentially.









    From what I am told… by Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, and Oprah…this is a good thing. Sometimes I wish I could just tell my heart that. Failure seeps into my bones, like sadness escapes from my eyes and…it sucks.

    At first.

    The initial impact of failure is crappy. All the thoughts you have will break you down. “I don’t belong.” “I will never find a way to do this.” “The rejections are right…I suck.”

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