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    I have received so many e-mails lately about motivation! And seriously…I totally get it.

    First I want you to picture a heart rate monitor machine. Think of the peaks and valleys that you see when your heart is beating, especially at workout mode. That, my friends, is what eating healthy or exercising or finding motivation for either, is like. It’s like a marriage…a lot of people jump out in the valleys, when if they would just hold on, they would see the peaks soon.

    That’s how everything is in life. That’s why I say, hold on…keep taking one step at a time.

    I want to go back to the idea of what I first began talking about in this blog. The SNOW BALL EFFECT.

    I truly believe that finding a balanced life has come to me like the snowball effect. It started small–cutting out everything but water and tea, then got a little bigger — turned into portion control, a little bigger — I started seeing results so I started learning about nutrition and eating a bit healthier, a little bigger — I got pregnant and cut out sugar for the first time in my life (no cheat days!), a little bigger — I found yoga, a little bigger — I found circuit training…

    Okay, you get the picture.

    Your snowball effect is there…you just have to find it.

    Here’s a list that will possibly help you start the motivation: Continue reading


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: First Jiu Jitsu Class

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    So last night I went after it…That goal that I told you about where I have always dreamed of getting into some kind of martial arts and since I am A.) Someone who writes a health and fitness blog    B.) someone who has decided against fear and    C.) someone who likes to challenge my body in different ways, I figured that it was only natural that I do something I was uncomfortable with.

    The only thing is that I didn’t realize HOW uncomfortable I would actually be with it. You see, I was the child that cried. For what reason, you ask? No reason…just simply if somebody looked at me wrong. I was the child that hid behind my parents. I was the teenager that got nervous when talking to anyone that intimidated me…which was basically…everyone. I was the adult that didn’t want to call for take out orders because I didn’t like how nervous I got when talking on the phone with strangers. Yep. I know. I did that. If I’m honest…sometimes I still do. Continue reading


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Beauty...is it a choice?

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    I have been so cruel to myself over the years–for not working hard enough, not looking like other women, not eating healthy enough…

    or even the things that I can’t control…

    my eyes are too deep set, my hair is too frizzy, my stretch marks don’t allow my skin to get tight enough…

    Ugh. You get the picture.

    I realize that it’s not just me. In fact, it is nearly every human being on earth.

    BUT… Continue reading


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: 2014 Challenges


    Welcome to 2014 with Tessa Van Wade Fitness! Woo hoo! We made it.

    So we’ve eaten nearly everything in sight for the last couple of weeks…or maybe even months. It happens.

    All I hope is that you enjoyed every savory, lovely, sweet moment with your family and friends. I hope that you can look back on this holiday season and find that you didn’t worry about anything, but enjoying each other. Or if you did have worries I hope that you find yourself on the hopeful side of life…knowing that “this too shall pass”.

    Several years ago I decided to chuck the fear in my life and only be willing to go after an adventurous life. I never knew what impact this decision would have and here I am. I used to walk every day in fear…just hoping that I didn’t step on anyone’s toes, just hoping that I didn’t do anything wrong. Living that way was tiring and when I was worn out from fear, I had nothing left to give to anyone else. Continue reading