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    Sometimes it feels like I ask my girls to pick up their toys and five minutes later they are still sitting on their bums. Argh. And I get so frustrated when I tell them to get out of the car and for some reason it seems they are taking time for a sauna session. I mean it’s hot here…why do you want to stay in the car so long just to melt. It’s amazing how many times I ask them to do something and they don’t jump up to accomplish my task.

    Yes, I hope for the fantasy world where my kids would do exactly what I say, when I say it. Continue reading


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    As I look back, I try and think of what can encourage the person that feels that inevitable stuck–stuck in their ways, wondering how to fix what seems unfixable. Stuck in a body that you assume cannot change, therefore you are on a road that leads you nowhere.

    The weekend of my trip with my mom when we went to Medieval Times together–the weekend when I got my best “Before” pictures–I had so much going through my mind and it all revolved around one thing. My insecurity.


    I’ve always been “me”, so there are things that I remember from that time that still seem like me…such as, I was just happy and content to be on a road trip with my mom…I was excited about being in L.A. and I was also hopeful of where my future was taking me. Those things I remember thinking about that weekend. Yet there was a through-line that continued for many years of my life. Even as I look back now, the optimistic person that I am, the kind of girl with a sunshine happy way about her, was shadowed by a deep sadness of what I looked like and the lack of control that I had for food. Continue reading


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    So I disappeared for a while. This was not a haphazard moment where I just forgot to write a blog post and got too busy. No. I actually had a Jerry McGuire moment.

    If you haven’t seen Jerry McGuire…it’s a movie where Tom Cruise plays a sports manager who gets a conscience. One night he can’t sleep because he doesn’t want to conform to the unethical standards of the industry, so he writes a mission statement and sends it out by morning. It is a call to action, to embrace a new way of ethical behavior that inspires people to heal the world.

    Then, he gets fired.

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