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    How amazing life is. One week you can be settled; feeling as though things are going smoothly and the next minute, you can be traveling across the earth with everything in chaos. For seventeen years, from the time I was born to the age of seventeen, I lived in the same home with my parents and brothers. I lived eighteen years in Visalia California until I made a choice to move to Los Angeles when I was nineteen. It was a shock to be somewhere I had never been…without the people I knew…without the comforts of a familiar town, without friends or family. I was forced to get out there and just do…rather than second guess every choice.









    I was terrified to fail. But that’s part of life, right? Try. Fail. Try. Succeed. Try. Fail. Try…and the cycle is created. Continue reading


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    I’m working with a friend that wants to begin losing weight. For the first month I simply want to concentrate on her diet (she also wanted to start with walking before she started training), because let’s face it…Diet is 95% of the battle. I sat down with her today and figured out a plan that would start at a nice, even pace…

    The last thing I want to happen is for someone to get burnt out. Placing someone on a strict egg white diet is not only unhealthy but an absolute recipe for disaster. So here is the e-mail that I sent her to talk about what we had gone over.

    It may help some of you who don’t know how to begin. Here’s the e-mail… (remember this catered to her, but you might like it!) Continue reading


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    As I’ve mentioned before, I am a firm believer that your hurts, past, and pain has a major impact on your life and health. How these things affect you has everything to do with how much you let yourself open up to these hurts and your coping mechanisms to moving past them. Yet we all have those things that no matter how aware you are of what you are doing, you either A. Have no idea how to heal or B. It just seems too difficult to confront, so why bother. My mother is a great woman and a great example.

    My mother as a child with her mom and dad (Bob and Lou Wade).

    My mother as a child with her mom and dad (Bob and Lou Wade).


    My grandma in the red had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

    My mother, me, my brother, and my grandmother that just passed.

    She is generous, supportive, nurturing, and up-lifting–all the things that make an amazing mother. Yet she has been plagued by something since she was a child that has shaped and formed her life and experiences. Continue reading


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    My weight loss and gain through out my life has been messy. I mean truly like this…









    Just pure chaos sometimes.

    I’ve gone through times of stress where one week I’m eating everything in sight, the next I’m as strict as I’ve ever been. I have felt out of control and out of my mind with worry about how I was going to take this path of fitness.

    There’s so many ideas, thoughts, and opinions out there that I have been, at times, unable to make sense of any of it. And it has been a source of desperation…a place where I can do nothing but panic.

    Yet, as the years have passed and I have fought one battle at a time, one minute at a time, I have realized that each fight made me stronger, more confident, and simply more grounded.

    I have a tattoo on my arm that says Minute by Minute, Never Give UP. This was a mantra for me. One that at times, I had to say more than hello.

    There are some people that just jump into it, their body responds, and months later their lives are changed. Yet for me it has felt like sometimes, I have my shit together and sometimes I don’t. Why? My body just doesn’t respond like I want it to. I’ll have weeks of perfection in my diet and exercise only to step on the scale and have gained three pounds. I will have weeks where I have just lost it and I think I should be up twenty, only to find that I have lost three.

    I have done HIIT, Circuit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, no cardio, egg whites for breakfast lunch and dinner…and have sometimes just not seen the results that I wanted.

    Yet, I can say this, once I embraced this…the chaotic side of life, that’s when things started to clear up a bit. Maybe my body isn’t just pure science…maybe my body won’t react the way someone else’s does…maybe there are so many other factors to losing weight such as history, genetics, water retention, metabolism, stress, sleep…

    So now, I try and live my life actively, working out 4-5 times a week, allowing my body to recuperate when it needs to. I eat clean, but if I can’t one of those days then, I don’t sweat.

    It was like once I found what my body liked, I embraced the shape of my body (fit but ALWAYS curvy), in other words I just dropped the intensity and stress, my body has calmed down.

    calming - relaxation training









    So I know that you can feel like it’s chaos at times, but just remember to take minute by minute, breath, trust, and persevere.







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    Three videos are up and more will be coming! I wanted to take the time to explain a bit about my latest workout videos. It’s called the Small and Curvy series. I went back and forth trying to think about what names would be best, but at the end of the day, I decided upon this one for two major reasons.
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