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    Every night as we walk to Magic Sands, a small beach around the corner from our house, my daughter Georgia picks up a flower and hands it to me. Yet it can’t be just any Plumeria flower, it has to be the most pristine flower she can find and she always finds a beautiful one so that I can put it behind my ear. This is Georgia. She has always been this way since birth. She’s joyful, positive, caring, and loves pretty things (to her core). She can put any outfit together and make it look like it was meant for each other.

    She always reminds people that life can be a beautiful thing when you keep a positive outlook.

    I look at her all of the time and realize that society–when they tell us that we force a child to act either male or female–is completely wrong. Georgia was born wearing petty coats and pink dresses. She was born loving baby dolls. She was born to nurture and love. I don’t believe that we can control the way we are born anymore than we can control the flowers to bloom. Of course we can mature and evolve, but this is more to say that we can’t pick and choose what our talents will be or what our innate characteristics will be.

    We are who we are and it’s a beautiful thing.

    The more we sit in this realization and the less we try to change for others, but rather, evolve as a loving human being the better off we will be.

    Hawaii is teaching me that even though my children are innately shy and don’t like to talk to strangers, when they are put to the task of growing and learning, they succeed. I’ve never seen my children so adventurous as they are here.






















    So much of life is about owning who you are and never being afraid to step out of your comfort zone to learn, grow, and mature.

    Living a healthy life is going to take some of that. We can’t sit still and let everyday pass without choosing to expand our horizons. When an opportunity for adventure arises, go after it. If you don’t feel as though you have those kind of opportunities, make them. Just whatever you do, don’t deny who you are inside, don’t be afraid of it.

    Your innate you, along with the growing and maturing that you do from just life in general, is enough.

    Go out there and live. Be approachable, friendly, loving, and most importantly let your beautiful qualities somehow be used to touch others…because that’s what life is all about.

    Find BALANCE in life. Treat your body as a beautiful vessel that was meant to do more things than just be negative. You were meant to move mountains. You were meant to be free of all judgements, limitations, and shackles.

    You do not have to be a prisoner to your own body or negative thoughts.

    You do not have to wear shackles that others have placed on you with their ideas of who you are or who you should be or what you should look like.

    You are who you are, you are where you are supposed to be, and you are beautiful. You are not alone.









    Now that things have settled down here, I have some plans for the posts on this blog. Please continue to send me your questions and I will get back to them the soonest that I can. The new YouTube videos are being edited as we speak, and the new way of working out that I have done in the last few months has changed my body and my life. I’m so excited to share.



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    Oh my goodness, I am becoming so passionate about this question because I have truly struggled with this for a long time!!!! It goes along with my blog post War Of The Workouts– .

    One thing about my blog…you are with me on a journey. I continue to explore the art of fitness because I truly believe there are ways to get the body you want…but everyone wants to tell you to go about it ONE way. There is not one way…there are many ways…it just depends on what results you want.

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    On the day that I posted about my grandma, that is the same day that she passed. I have been waiting to write an end to the Alzheimer series because I wanted to share some pictures with all of you, but since we moved I have been unable to get them. Luckily my sister-in-law was kind enough to send me some. I also had to travel a bit, so I struggled with time to sit down and write. But here I am and I hope that all of you are well!

    My grandmother, towards the end, had lived in a world that I cannot imagine. And I suppose that this is the cruelty of this disease. When your brain fails you, you are trapped in a world of discomfort. You don’t know where you are, who you are with, where your family is (even though they are most likely standing right in front of you), and you lose memories of a long and happy life. The only thing I can say is that I am grateful she is now in a place where she can breathe, live, remember, and be with the people that gave her a full and happy life. Continue reading