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    Here’s a question I received from Laura (her name has been changed for privacy purposes).
    I wanted to share it since it was such a unique inquiry…yet I’m sure there are many of you that feel the same way.

    Here is Laura’s question…

    Hi Tessa, I wrote a comment on one of your blogs, but I really need help. My butt is uneven and I want to fix it. My left cheek is smaller than the right. The right hangs down lower. Since they are both made of mostly fat, I was wondering should I work on the right cheek to bring it up, or the left cheek to bring it down? And what excersises should I be doing? Continue reading


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    I still feel guilt for how little I was able to pay attention to my one year old daughter at the time because I was trying so hard to figure out what to do with my grandma. Then there was the guilt that I felt when getting annoyed or upset that my grandmother was at my door knocking for the twentieth time in three hours. I just wanted some time to myself so that I could be a good mommy.

    Finally, the last straw was when she fell in her house and my husband found her. She had just passed out and was coming to when he came in. Suddenly we knew that we had to either have her move in, or we would find a home for her.

    We tried to find a daycare. We did that for a couple of months, but my mom and husband were getting tired of how angry she would be on the drop-off and pick-up hours. She would cuss, yell, and scream…a symptom of the Alzheimer’s. Then came the angry visits at night where she would come over and yell at us that we were stealing from her. Continue reading


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    The last couple of days my mom and I have spent a lot of time on the phone with each other. My 85 year old grandmother is passing away. We had to get out to Hawaii so quickly for Ben’s job that this is the first time that I have been unable to be at home at take up the slack during intense circumstances to give my mom a break and it feels a little strange. Yet the strangest part about all of this is how my grandma has reached this point…

    A few years ago, just after we had moved from Colorado (we lived there a few years for a job), we had landed in Ventura California. It wasn’t long after we arrived there that we began to get calls from my grandma that my grandpa had something wrong. Being about three hours away from our home town, where they still lived, we were able to jump in the car on several occasions to rush home and take grandpa to the hospital, etc. It took a few trips when we finally were able to get him a diagnosis. He had Colon Cancer. There was a large mass that was inoperable and we simply needed to keep him comfortable. Yet, mom and I were all the way in Ventura. I had two small children and my mom works full time, so there was no way we could take care of them in Visalia. Continue reading


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    I believe this question will be helpful for every one so I thought I would share it! I get questions every week and sometimes it takes me a while to get back to them because I want to write an entire essay. So please know that if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I will! It’s just because I don’t want to give you a short response. You all deserve the best answer possible. Below came from a reader…I’m changing her name for privacy.


    Hi, My name is Susan and I am 50 and 5\’ 6\”. 18 months ago I weighed approx 223lbs. Today I weigh 162lbs, and am no longer on medication for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. However, I have been 162lbs (give or take 2/3lbs fluctuations) for about 6 months now, and I am really struggling to loose the last 14lbs or so to get to a BMI of 23, which is mid range healthy for my height. I am somewhat disappointed to find I am stil tecnically overweight after all that effort!! 6 months is a long time to plateau!! I stopped going to Slimming World about 4 months ago, as I felt there was not enough support to get me over this hurdle, and as you can see, I\’m maintaining pretty well but not losing. Exercise-wise, I go to between 8-10 1 hour sessions of body pump, body combat, body attack, circuit training per week. I have tried just eating less (obvious – to me anyway) but that didn\’t help, I have tried meal replacement shakes twice a day for 3 weeks, I lost 3 lbs the first week, nothing the second, and gained a couple of pounds the 3rd week, but that would probably be water retention at this time of my menstrual cycle. So I don\’t feel they are much help, and deep down I know it isn\’t the answer. I would welcome any comments from yourself that might help me get me just that bit further down the road I want to be travelling!! Thank you for reading my email, Susan x Continue reading


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    I can’t express the importance of finding what you love and finding your style. Being unlike anyone else is the most amazing gift. Yet in this society we are bred to fit into molds so we do things just to get results regardless of what our true desires are.

    When you do things simply to get a result, you end up burnt out. Yet if you work towards something because you truly enjoy it, you will find success no matter what it is.


    One of the very first things that I do with my clients as a personal trainer is ask them what their goals are and what type of working out that they prefer. Many times I see Personal Trainers push their kind of working out on clients, telling them that there is nothing better than what they do. Well, I disagree. You know what is better than what your trainer prefers? What you prefer! That’s the most important thing to helping you find success. Continue reading

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    I cannot tell you how important movement is through out the day. For the last several years, because I spend so much time writing (novels and blog) I have been spending much of my day at the computer. I was in a routine of eating very clean and working out for an hour a day, four days a week, but even pushing myself hard in the gym was giving me that lean look I desired. I felt like I had to be PERFECT in my diet. It was annoying. I didn’t understand why I was having to work sooo hard for my results!

    Then, Hawaii happened. Continue reading