JULY 2013


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    Well, we’ve been here in Hawaii for a week and a half. I know that I am still in the honeymoon phase at this moment, but yes, I am in love. Yet, this post is about ONE of the reasons I love Hawaii. My NEW WARDROBE.

    I have never lived in a place where having your bathing suit on everyday is completely NORMAL. I love how women don’t care what they look like here and they walk around in bikinis completely tall and proud no matter their size or weight.

    I love how it’s too hot to spend too much time and attention on your hair, makeup, or designer jeans. Continue reading


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    Many times people often tell me that they eat super healthy and so they don’t know why they can’t lose weight or that they are actually gaining weight with such a Clean Diet. Then, when we look at their daily intake, the problem can often be found pretty quickly.

    First thing to remember is calories. No matter how healthy your food is, if you are taking more calories than you are burning, you will gain weight. Continue reading


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    1070009_469732009783956_1925507747_nLisa from The Daily HIIT shared this graph on facebook this morning and if you are a member of my fitness page you probably saw it as well! Immediately, I knew I had to write a post about it.

    I cannot tell you how true this graph is. For the last ten years I have progressively lost weight and have become more fit…but only if you look at a picture of me ten years ago and now. In the interim time, I have spent a lot of time climbing up the scale almost ten pounds and down the scale ten pounds. All the while I have continued to get smaller over the whole of ten years. Does that make sense?

    There have been times when I have worked out as hard as a person can work out, eaten great, and not lost an ounce. Then there have been times when I have stopped working out for a time and lost weight. There have been times when I thought I would never lose certain areas of fatty deposits because they seemed to stick with me regardless of what I did, only now, I look for them and can’t find them.

    It’s so important to realize that losing weight is a process and unless you are on The-Biggest-Loser-Show, it doesn’t usually just come off in one huge chunk. And truth be told…this is best. Hint: You’ll keep it off this way! Continue reading


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    So here’s a quick answer to a question that I get all of the time…

    What food, if any, will you NEVER eat…even on a cheat day?

    I can’t tell you how many times I get this question. I think it’s because in our lives we are curious about each other, but also people want answers to things. People want to know specifics…in fact, it’s more comfortable a lot of times if we have black and white answers.

    So I’ll give you my answer and it’s quick and simple. There are three things in my life that I do not touch…EVER.  Continue reading


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    First off, I have decided that I do not take enough pictures. So to you, dear readers, I promise to become better with pictures. It is a goal of mine for this coming year.

    Since I have been home, life is moving at a very fast pace. Everyday is filled with a list of things to accomplish and sometimes it looks so long and seems so out of hand that I kind of purse my lips and breath out. I guess that’s better than hitting the wall with a fist. You see, everything just has to fall in line.

    This last Wednesday we drove all the way to Long Beach California to drop our car off with Matson so that it could be shipped out by the time we reach Hawaii.

    IMG_0998This is Ben getting angry with the traffic on our way home from Long Beach, California and looking a bit disheveled after so much work. Continue reading