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    Twice now, because of people’s passionate persistence about how healthy fats won’t make you gain weight, I have tried to up my healthy fat intake to see what happens.

    Both times…I gained weight. No joke.

    Paleo urges people not to count calories but to simply eat like cavemen with a lot of nuts, seeds, etc. They poo-poo carbs, but say yes to high fats. Paleo made me gain weight.

    Am I saying that Paleo is wrong? Continue reading


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    I go to Hawaii next week and although I’ve been busy and haven’t been working out more than four times a week, I AM making sure my workouts count. There a lot of different theories about workouts and what is the most important vs. what will burn fat the quickest, etc. And once again I come before you having tried EVERYTHING. Yet it wasn’t until the last couple of months that I have been able to blast the last bit of body fat.

    Everyone says that HIIT is the best way and will get rid of body fat the quickest. Okay, I’ve done it. In fact, I’ve trusted people so much that I’ve done only HIIT before (Insanity, for example.). For some, this can be the trick. This can do it. Unfortunately, when you have been heavy before like me…I don’t think this is the answer. Or at least, not the only answer… Continue reading


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    On Wednesday I did not want to workout. In fact, just because my body, brain, and whatever else was fighting it, I literally spent all day stressing about it. What a waste! It was a waste of my time and life and I vow never to do that again.

    Wait…can I really vow never to do that again?

    No. I can’t.

    Here’s the thing, on Wednesday, I finally just went out to my studio at 7:00 and started working out. Once I did I actually had one of the better workouts that I’ve had in a while. Yet, for whatever reason I just had to go through an absolute fight with myself all day. And you can’t vow to say you will never do that again because it’s life. You actually should embrace those feelings and then just do it anyway. Continue reading


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    Every once in a while I go to my local Starbucks to grab an iced tea. I have actually gotten to know the ladies that work behind the counter so well, that we usually laugh and joke for an hour and talk about each other’s lives.

    I always get the same thing, a trente black or green iced tea with no sweetener and extra ice. Some people really believe in Caffeine to help the metabolism, but I’m not really swayed one way or another. All I know is that I’m a bit of a light weight when it comes to caffeine and I can get horrible shakes. I also don’t like the idea of something that can bring addiction. I’m sure everyone’s experienced the caffeine headache at some point.

    What fascinates me are all of the sugar free options at Starbucks. Continue reading


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    The last couple of weeks before a vacation, especially if it’s a vacation where I will be in a bikini most of the time, I usually am pretty strict with my eating. I’m going to Hawaii in June so I’ve already started being a little more careful.

    Why? Most of you are probably wondering why simply because I’m going to be with family and hanging out on a beach all day. Well, it’s mainly for the reason that I want to relax and enjoy my time with my family. If I’m really careful before I go, then I feel more relaxed when I am there.

    I plan on staying on a healthy eating regimen while I am there with a lot of fish and poke! 🙂 But I also won’t be able to be on the same routine that I do at home. Sometimes this is good for your body. It’s shocks your body into change.

    I started training a client last night that I hadn’t trained in a couple of weeks because she had been busy with work and vacations, and I told her that there’s no problem with that. As long as you can get back on the workout train than a break will actually help your body change when you start again. The struggle that most people have, is that once you take a break, it gets harder and harder to get back on a workout routine. It’s amazing the justifications that you can make in your mind and next thing you know, it’s six months later and you haven’t worked out that entire time.

    But overall a break can be a very good thing for your body.

    I thought that I would simply give you the strict diet that I do before a vacation or photo-shoot.

    Just remember, this is a diet that I don’t agree with for people who have issues with eating. Be honest with yourself and know whether you are in a healthy enough frame of mind to do this. The repercussions are A. taking things too far and being on this strict diet for too long or B. You end up quitting and going back to your old ways. Just remember that my normal routine is not far from this daily. I don’t want to be dieting my entire life so I refuse to yoyo. This is just a small deviance from my usual routine to slash a few calories for a special occasion.

    7:00 — 6 egg whites and a 1/4 cup oatmeal

    10:00 — If I have worked out then I drink a protein shake, if I have not worked out then I do protein bars.

    12:30-1:00 — 2 Meatloaf muffins or egg whites and oats again.

    3:00 — Protein shake or protein bars

    5:30-6:00 — Lean meat and veggie

    So there it is, the pre-vacation diet. It differs from my usual diet by fruit, nuts, and more calories.

    I hope you all have fun vacations this summer! I will be tweeting, blogging, and instagram-ing my vacation…Here we come Kona Hawaii!





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    Here’s one of the latest questions that I have received on one of my Teeny Tiny Waist Video’s.

    “I have a wide waste, and thicker arms. It’s genetics. We gain weight in our upper bodies. I’ve tried to change this with little results. Perhaps I’m not trying hard enough, which could be the case, or some things you can’t change too much.”

    EVERY single one of us has those places on our bodies that we would change. If a genie said, you can change one thing about your body, we all would be able to answer within 1 1/2 seconds. Unless you’re ridiculously blessed and then well, we won’t get into that.

    For the woman who wrote me this question, here’s an answer directed specifically to your trouble spots. For your arms, don’t shy away from strength training on your arms just to keep them smaller. Challenge yourself to do pushups, bicep curls, triceps presses. You WILL see change by simply getting them stronger. I promise. I stayed away from doing weights on my legs in fear of making them bigger…the moment I threw that idea to the curb, I started seeing major change in my body.

    Do me a favor and look up obliques if you don’t know what they are (the sides of the waist), and stay away from doing exercises on your obliques. They will get enough movement from other exercises and you really want to concentrate on your main abs (the place where six packs are). Some people will have you take weights at your side, stand up straight and then lean side to side, dropping your weights down the side of your leg. There’s really no need for this. Stay the course with strict ab workouts. Mat abs are great because it isolates the exact muscles you want to work.

    And do me a favor and look at my body before and after. I’ve attached pictures to this post. I am not genetically made to have small arms or a really tiny waist. My waist is small, but it didn’t get there until I lost body fat and strengthened up. Continue reading


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    The waist and butt are so important to people that I would say half of my questions I get are about these two body parts. So I’m going to dedicate an entire post to them. It will answer two of the questions that I have gotten.

    Waists and butts go hand in hand. I believe the waist and butt to be like the nose…heredity and genetics have a lot to do with both. Although I have to say that through a lot of work I have beaten my flat butt. Check out my post called Bubbly Booty if you want some extra love on the booty knowledge and how mine came to be. Continue reading


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    I’ve always had a desire to be adventurous. I mean, who doesn’t right? Yet it took me a long time to become a confident enough person to actually embrace this quality in me. In my childhood and teenage years, I was so fearful of what anyone and everyone thought of me that I needed to do things the same as everyone else. It wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve been able to drop the hesitation and jump off that hypothetical mountain.

    Mostly, I’m told now that I live in a dreamworld.

    Well, why the hell not?

    Look…what’s stopping you? If you want to move…move! If you want to jump…jump! And if you want that healthy heart and the awesome body to go with it then…why not?

    What’s stopping you? Continue reading


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    This week we had a couple of friends come to visit and it was so much fun. We went to the beach and saw an entire school of dolphins and four whales all so close to the sand that it felt as though you could run out and swim with them. Of course, I would never do that because the water is too cold and I’m also terrified by what I can’t see around my feet. Let’s just say, Hawaii is the only place that I have been 100% okay with going out into the ocean. It was really an incredible thing to watch these whales and dolphins and I had just happened to watch Youtube videos about whales jumping out of the water the day before. It was meant to be.

    Having friends in town reminded me of how tough it can be to get strong workouts in and also eat 100% on your diet. Yet, it is possible…trust me!

    The first thing to do is not expect to get a long workout in everyday that they are here. Honestly life is about relationships and you may want to just choose to take a break from your normal routine. I did for the three days that they were here. Yet had their stay been longer, I would have just done things a bit different.

    Here are a few of my suggestions for working out: Continue reading