APRIL 2013


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    Somehow we are able to convince ourselves of things. In fact most of us will believe the craziest things if it is given to us in a certain package. My whole life I have picked myself apart. I’m pretty sure that actually most of us have done this. The longer we look in the mirror we begin to question what’s out of place or what could be better if it was just…

    Societal pressure to be perfect is far more real than we ever even know. There are thousands of places that we see perfection and yet because it’s so “in our faces” all the time, we don’t think twice about it. Continue reading


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    As a Personal Trainer, who strives to somehow make movement fun, I’m always searching for places to encourage people to go or things for people to do. For the last couple of years I have had my eye on Tough-Mudder.

    If you haven’t heard of Tough-Mudder, than you might be living under a rock, which only makes me think you need to hear this and get out of your hole. Tough-Mudder is a place to simply let go of inhibitions and have a fun time. So maybe in the coming year, you might find me at one. I may or may not be going to the one on July 13th in Tahoe. I’ll let you know when I go so if you see me, you can say hello.

    If you haven’t thought about going to a Tough-Mudder Challenge, you need to think about it. In fact, get a group of people together, because you can’t get through the course alone. It takes a village to finish the race. This is a challenge for the people who think that a marathon would make you go insane with its monotony. It’s like an obstacle course for the tough and dirty–hence the name Tough-Mudder.

    Expect to get covered in mud by the end of it, and expect to be tired! With 25+ obstacles, it may just kick your ass.

    My suggestion is that the group that you take thinks of it more as a costume contest. If you can find that kind of mentality than you may just have the best time of your life.

    Tough Mudder was founded by Will Dean and Guy  Livingstone. They marketed in 2010 by using Facebook and now today, they have more and more venues every year. Why? Continue reading


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    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQVEx9DeFPA’]

    Teeny-Tiny-Waist, Teeny-Tiny-Arms, Teeny-Tiny-Butt-and-Legs are up and ready for everyone to check out. On top of that, I thought this might be an interesting addition…

    In the last few days I have been told a few times about the squat challenge. Immediately it sounded intriguing so I looked it up. Yep, in fact there is a squat challenge. I found a couple of places that discusses it and I’m not sure who began the idea, but I found the information at TribeSports.com.

    Looking up their guide, I found this: Continue reading


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    • I was asked by my cousin’s daughter to help her with a nutrition class. She contacted me, wondering if she could interview me. I love her, so I of course said yes and she sent me the questions. I loved the questions so much that I wanted to share them with you.
      Take a look at these:
      Do you feel that nutrition is taught enough in public schools?
      No. We could definitely use more care and emphasis on such an important subject. Because of the obesity epidemic it seems that schools are taking a greater care in what students are fed or what is available to them, so that is a step in the right direction. We are also taught from the grade of Kindergarten the food pyramid. My only wish is that we might change up the nutrition pyramid since ultimately our plates should be made up of mostly veggies, fruits, and proteins. Continue reading

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    How hard we have to work ultimately relies on our genetics and history of weight gain and weight loss. Each person will be different, which is the very reason for some frustration out there. There’s always that conversation when someone asks, “What did you do to lose weight?” And this person who is asking the question is so excited that they are going to be getting the answer–the one true answer that’s going to change their life and help them get thin. When the answer is, “Oh I dropped my afternoon snack!”, there’s a let down of the heart. I know…I’ve been there. We want to hear something jaw dropping and life changing, but instead we have just been told that the person we are asking simply has good  genetics. I hate that.

    That’s why this blog has to be different, because I am different. I am as tough as nails, determined, motivated, constantly revamping my inspiration, strong, and yet genetically challenged. With obesity in the family and my history Continue reading


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    As I’ve written many times before, I will never forget the day that my trainer in high school (when I was at my heaviest) started his questioning with what I was drinking. As you all know my answer was Diet Pepsi and milk. I often drank milk during the day–usually 1-2%–for a variety of different meals and it had to be ice-cold. Besides the milk, cans of diet Pepsi were a staple in my refrigerator. The trainer looked at me and said, drink water…just water. Diet Pepsi makes you hungry and milk just makes people thick. If I could do ANY of the things that he asked me to do that day, one of them that I could actually stick to was drinking water for one month. So I left the gym and decided to do just that.

    When I came home that night, the first thing I saw was the brand new six pack of Pepsi sitting on our counter and the milk in the refrigerator. Already I was salivating. This was going to be impossible. I had to distract myself, sit on my hands, or whatever it would take to not grab my first drink. Who in the hell knew that what I drank would be so ridiculously difficult? Seriously? It’s just a drink. Continue reading


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    I know when I’m going to gain weight…when I am stressed. We live in a society that promotes stress. In fact, lately I’ve seen a huge amount of things that are being passed around Facebook, twitter, and all other facets of social media that can cause stress instantly. For example: all of these things fighting each other about religion, women’s issues, mommy issues, politics, etc…I’ve never seen so many people needing to stand on a soap box for so much. Not to mention that we run the rat race for money and THINGS. Possessions guide our lives and pull us into a trap of settling for less in our daily existence just to make sure that we have what we feel will make us happy in the long run. Continue reading


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    Abs are something that every woman and man strives for. It seems that people are always searching to make that six pack happen. So here are a few things that I have learned in creating hard, toned, or even six pack abs. (Please remember this is still possible after having babies, I did it!!!)

    1. Abs are unlike the other muscles on the body and can be worked more frequently. If you get sore, then of course take a break for a day, but otherwise you may work them back to back with no problems.

    Continue reading


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    I’ve been missing for just a bit. First I took a break for Easter and then it was my birthday, and although it was nice to take a break, it’s nice to be back on a normal routine. And if you are wondering whether I had sugar for my birthday since I have pretty much been off sugar since November of last year, I will tell you that I did and it was perfect. The thing I always worry about when having a day off is mainly getting so sugar filled that I feel gross. Nowadays this happens way too easily. Yet, something has changed in me in the last couple of years that I feel confident that I don’t have to go overboard. So, on my birthday, I had a little bit of this and that, then a nice bowl of chocolate ice-cream that night and it was perfect. Yet somehow now, when I have a day off once in a blue moon, I’m still so ready to get back to healthy eating. Nothing beats those mornings when you wake up feeling light and healthy because you ate well the day, week, or months before.

    This past weekend I tried something I have wanted to try for a long time because I wanted to be able to write about it for all of you. Continue reading