MARCH 2013


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    My father built pumps for irrigation and domestic wells. His father started the business and then my father took it over when my grandpa got sick in the eighties. My mother says there was nothing else my dad wanted to do. He knew that Ingram Equipment Company is where he would spend the rest of his life…and he did. The beauty of what he did was extraordinary. As an adult now, I can look on the amazing work he was setting out to do and be so utterly impressed. He gave water to people when they didn’t know how to get it themselves, whether it be during the day when a pump had burned out and a little old lady didn’t have water in her home, or if a farmer woke to find his fields dry or submersed in water (either of which could ruin his crops) and he’d call my father in the middle of the night to come find out the reason. And the older I get the more connection that I have to the love my father built for just plain and simple water.

    Not only did I watch the importance of water within my father’s craft, but water literally turned my life around when I was seventeen. I was on a path of destruction with my body. I ate whatever I wanted, I lived on a staple of milk and diet pepsi, and my body was getting bigger year by year. Even though I was eating plenty and getting plenty of calories to grow, I was dehydrated all of the time and starved of nutrition–all at the age of seventeen. So when someone told me to stop drinking diet pepsi and milk for just one month, and only fill my body with water…that was the beginning of my life’s pursuit to change–even though I didn’t know it. I was simply challenged and wanted to show this guy and myself that I could do one month with only water. Continue reading


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    There are always a thousand things to write about because with our bodies being as amazing as they are and our society being as complicated as it is, there is a never ending cycle of questions and answers. Also if your life doesn’t revolve around this subject (which is a beautiful thing…even trainers and fitness people need to surround themselves with things over than body and fitness all the time!) then you may find that it’s hard to remember everything. I am constantly having to remind myself of certain things…and when things start looking too difficult, I never fail to go back to the basics.

    If you feel a little overwhelmed by this whole process, I’ve come up with a quick cheat sheet to help remind you of what you might be missing or what you are doing well… Continue reading


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    This is probably going to be one of my most controversial posts yet…but I have received so many questions about this and I want to be honest and real that I couldn’t hold off any longer.

    I’m just going to attack a lot of the questions I receive in this one post.

    You cannot spot reduce. It is a proven fact that sitting on your side and lifting your leg until your hip burns will not take the fat off of your hip unless you are doing something else to remove that fat. I’ve heard people preach it time and again…you cannot spot reduce. Yet here is what I want to say…just because you cannot remove the fat on top, does not mean moving your body in some way won’t do you any good. MOVE! Try and spot reduce if you like because as long as it gets you moving and using your muscles, I am okay with it. Your body temp will still rise and you will still feel better about yourself, and underneath the surface, you are still igniting those muscles! Continue reading


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    It only takes one person to get excited about something that can cause a tsunami of passion. I’ve seen it time and again–one person in the family starts taking walks, then another and then another, so that eventually the entire family is walking together. One person starts to cut out soda and eventually the entire office building has gone on a no-soda frenzy. It just happens that way. Change can be addictive and contagious and all it takes is that one small change to breathe new life into a household or business.

    Starting something new on your own is never easy, but if it can be done, people are sure to follow. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a sign that you put up in your conference room or break room that says: I’d like to make a change. Would you all help me? I’d like to stay away from cakes, cookies, candy, or chips for sixty days, will anyone join me? If you will join me, please sign below.

    Theres something about having that written form with a group of people all working toward the same thing. It can be scary wondering if people will scoff at what you are doing, or wondering if people will actually think it’s fun…Here’s a little hint… Continue reading


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    I love Disneyland. I’m not ashamed to say it. When I was a little girl my family loved to go and then when I was a little older, my mom and I went just the two of us and I was hooked. We stayed at one of the Disneyland hotels and took the Monorail into the park. I love the magic so much that I don’t have to go on a single ride to enjoy myself. Just walking through the Main street and looking at shops, feeling the ambience, and seeing the happiness on everyones faces is enough for me. For some reason I am able to put my cell phone away, never touch a computer, and not talk to a single soul outside of who I am with and therefore let go of all troubles and cares. For a while when I was living in LA I had yearly passes and would go every chance that I could. The child within me comes out and there is no place else I would rather be. The only bad part…the vacation must end and I have to go home. If I could, I would rent an apartment in Disneyland so I could stay as long as I want.

    This last week my family went to Disneyland. I do a yearly trip with my mom and my girls every year, but this year my brothers and their significant others came along with my nephew Dax. It was awesome. We all get along great now that we are older and it was so fun having the cousins together and especially since it was Daxon’s first trip to the magical kingdom.

    I’m honestly just grateful that Disneyland can still be so amazing for me, because frankly I was worried a few years ago. Disneyland has always been much about the food. Churros, IceCream Cookies, Chocolate fudge, Cinnamon Jellybellys, and corn dogs, were my treasure every time I would go. So when I started eating really clean and could no longer fill myself with all the amazing food, I panicked. Disneyland wasn’t going to be the same. And I have to say, the first time that I went and didn’t indulge in food…it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t bad, it was just different. So much of my joy was wrapped around finding the next treat. Continue reading


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    I sometimes worry that I will inevitably screw up my girls minds when it comes to self and body image. You see, I grew up watching my mom eat for fun, then complain as she gained weight, and slam herself for how bad she looked. She would work hard at times throughout her life to fix the unwanted pounds, but inevitably they would just show back up because she was grabbing at straws. In other words, she was trying every fad known to man or every quick fix, and never really finding the true nature of the beast or how to beat it. It wasn’t just my mom, it was many of my friend’s moms as well that I would hear have conversations about their failed attempts and how awful they looked.

    Yet there was a second problem to this. Since none of these women truly captured the thing that fixed them, they didn’t know how to teach us little girls how to eat. For most of my friends this didn’t matter throughout high school because their metabolisms were able to catch up with the bad food decisions, until some of them had children. That’s when they began to see that maybe life wouldn’t run as smoothly in the dieting department. For me, it didn’t take that long, as you all know.

    So when I found out that I was having a girl, I was panicked. Inevitably I would pass on my issues, right? Even though I had been able to keep off the weight since high school, for some reason those years were so impressionable that, to this day, I still have to work on not having the chubby high school student mentality. Aghhh! Just thinking about all of this would at times throw me into convulsions about how I might raise confident daughters. Continue reading