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    Where’s your focus? Do you want a strong body? Do you want goals that you have never been able to reach? Sometimes our worst enemy is us. We stand in our own way. I’m getting ready to post some challenge for the soon to be here summer. Yet I wanted to post this one first because, I believe, my worst enemy is me. We allow so much of our focus to be determined by other people or things in our life and if we truly let some of these things go, we would find a whole different meaning of living selflessly so that we have the time and energy to go after what we really want.

    You have no time to concentrate on the beauty of life if: Continue reading


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    Last night I was watching Bear Grylls. If you haven’t seen the show Man vs. Wild, then you may not know who I’m talking about. He’s one of those Indiana Jones meets MacGyver meets Tarzan, guys that sores through parts of this world on a rope. Much of the show is pretty funny due to how wildly alive he becomes when he sees some sort of unique waterfall or species (think Steve Irwin when he wrestles a crocodile). So if you don’t like a bit of overexcitement, then don’t watch the guy. Yet it is amazing how he can propel down rock faced mountains and climb through ridiculously small caves. He’s strong, he’s smart, and he’s tough.

    As I watched the show last night, I started to get the unmistakeable feeling within me that I wanted to find a way, desperately, to ignite a fire in all of you. I know that about this time in the year is when everyone’s passion begins to wain and things start getting busy. Well hopefully by the end of this…I can help change that.

    Yesterday someone asked the question, “Do you think that some people are just hardwired to not like working out and no matter how long they do it, they will never like it and their body will never get used to it? Continue reading


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    I turned my garage into a studio. When I moved into this home in Ventura, CA it needed plenty of work. In fact, most people would have probably walked away from it without a second glance. But to me, there were so many amazing things that if I could just figure out how to accomplish it, the potential would be incredible. There is a crows nest above the second story that has a panoramic view of the ocean. I mean, come on, you can’t beat that. Unfortunately the owner before us was quite the hunter. He often slaughtered his kill in the backyard and hung them by a very large tree to prepare the meat. One of the first things we found when we moved in was the pulley that he used to hang his kill. He appreciated old wheels, barrels, and cactus. Truly, he was a mountain man and probably should have stayed so. The first weekend that I was clearing away his things, I was backing up and rammed my elbow into a cactus. Within the hour, after I pulled nearly thirty cactus needles from my skin, my elbow was swollen, but had luckily stopped bleeding. The fourteen trees in the backyard were so overgrown that there was no longer any sun coming through and therefore no grass could be found in the yard. He had a piled stack of wood as high as my nose and as long as two cars length across the backyard. Rats, spiders, and many other nightmarish things were found within that wood. The detached garage was so full that we ultimately didn’t know how large it was. Continue reading


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    I have had so many people contact me that just do not know where to begin. I totally understand. There was a time when I just did not know what to do to change my body. Sometimes you aren’t at the place physically or mentally (or even if you are busy) to spend more than five minutes a day. If you have not worked out in six months, you have 30-100+ pounds to lose, or you simply have never worked out, then I am going to start a regimen for you.

    This is what I have told everyone that has contacted me. Continue reading


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    As you get out of bed, you feel that your body doesn’t connect with your muscles anymore because the last time you worked out was…well…never. And your first thought is what am I going to eat today. You hear the squeak of the floor boards as you walk through the hall and think to yourself, “Is that because of me?” Your robe doesn’t quite fit around your belly anymore and so you loosely have it hang at your sides. When you reach the kitchen, you see the pile of fruit in the bowl, but it’s gone bad because that’s rarely your choice of snack, and you open the freezer to pull out the waffles or cinnamon rolls. You sigh as you sit down at the table and you pour syrup over the breakfast, but not before you slather it with butter. You take a bite and it’s rich and sugary and you think, “that is so good.” It’s not until you are done eating that you realize, the choice to make better choices is already forgotten. The guilt begins to reside in your chest and you suddenly feel as though you weigh 700 pounds. Suddenly you realize that since you made that one choice, your mind begins to justify the rest of your day as a lost cause.

    Inside, you don’t know it, but your body is on it’s own path for the morning. As your body (he) gets out of bed, he tries desperately to use the right muscles to move, knowing that if the correct muscles are used there is less chance of injury, but he has sadly lost connection with them. He can no longer feel the correct muscles and so he does his best to try and protect you as you stand. As you walk through the hall, he’s realizing that because of the fatty and processed meal the night before, that he needs Continue reading


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    When I started this blog, one of my main goals was to share my experience with all of you because there had been years of torment in my mind that I had struggled to sift through and purge. My hope was that I would be able to give you as much information as possible so that you wouldn’t have to take the thousand wrong steps that I had already taken. You all have been so generous to me with your time and support and I appreciate it so much. And my goal is the same. I want us all to see ourselves with new eyes. I want us all to stop judging ourselves for what we have done in the past or what we might possibly do in the future, but rather, find a way to understand what it really means to be whole–an entire human being, flawed and beautiful…that can reach out to others around us.

    I found it hard up until recently to let go of my ideals. I had ideals of the perfect body type, what I was supposed to look like, what I needed to look like for my career. Those ideals only made my quest for health nearly impossible. Why? Because I was aiming for something other than me. I wasn’t my ideal body type.

    So how would I ever get what I wanted? Continue reading