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    Before Christmas, I leave you with some good advice that may lead you into the new year with a certain idea for a New Years Resolution. This advice comes from Cindy Crawford. I read her interview in SHAPE magazine the other day.

    The best thing that she said that I wanted to write about was this… Continue reading


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    This is my workout I did on Tuesday. It’s a good one. Keep it simple, but effective. This Saturday I hit 70 days sugar free and I feel great. If you haven’t joined, there is still time. Take from now until Christmas Eve at 4:00PM to drop sugar. Come on! It’s just a little over a week. You can do it!! But first, start with this intense workout!

    First Set

    Jump Rope X 200

    Squat X 20   (With preferred weights, I use two 25 lb. weights)

    Jump Rope X 200 Continue reading


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    One year, my Dad decided that the three of us (my two brothers and I) were growing up too fast and he felt like we hadn’t done enough vacations. So, my parents quickly planned three vacations. First one…a trip to Hawaii. The next was a trip to Tennessee to visit my Aunt Bess who was in her late nineties at the time. She still lived in a beautiful, white pillared home that had been used in the Civil War as a makeshift military hospital (there was still a place on the wall, if I can remember correctly, that had a bullet hole). I’ve never had such amazing chicken fried steak, biscuits, and mashed potatoes…for lunch. Not to mention that it was the middle of August and the humidity was so dense that I had trouble breathing in the air.

    Then the last trip they planned was a weekend cruise to Mexico.

    I was reminded of something that has always stuck with me about this weekend trip to Mexico. In preparing for this getaway some lady told me about the cruise she went on with her husband. She said that her and her husband brought clothes up to four sizes too big depending on the amount of time the cruise lasted. Their reason for this was simple…All included food, big buffets, and as much alcohol as they could drink, all in one place. So in other words, they knew that there would be so much food surrounding them that they would have no willpower and expected to come back ten to twenty pounds heavier than when they left. Continue reading


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    Here is the workout that I will do today. I’ll try and explain everything the best I can and if you don’t have something that I suggest then just substitute what you can.

    First Set

    20 X Frog Jumps  (These have become my new favorite warmup exercise) Drop into a deep squat–that looks more like a frog with your knees at your shoulders–and pop up raising your hands above your head. Continue reading


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    Your head is softly laying on your pillow as the moment of sleep versus wake is battling. The morning has come and you open your eyes.

    This is where so many things can change.

    But usually, nothing changes.

    The first thoughts that enter your mind are you duties, tasks, and the laundry list of things that must get done for the day. No time is spent concentrating on the feeling of your eyes opening or that silent comfort that you can have just laying in a soft bed. To begin our day  we are cognizant of the impending time warp that immediately happens once our feet hit the floor. Yet we let our feet drop to the hard wood floors anyway. Continue reading