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    Yes, I made it through Thanksgiving without a piece of pie, candy, cake, icecream, chocolate or anything that would be described as junk. Even on Thanksgiving day I ate turkey, green beans, and whole wheat pasta with corn and peas. I have to thank you all for that because if I didn’t have some of you joining me on the quest for a healthy holiday season, I wouldn’t have had the accountability. And strangely, I learned a few things, the main thing being…I had no guilt.

    That alone is worth it’s weight in gold. I had no mood swings due to my guilt eating me up inside because I’d delved into the pumpkin pie. I woke up every morning with my family in my house and I was able to enjoy them instead of being depressed because of what I ate the night before. This was a first. I mean, I’ve been so bad over the years that I’ve had sweaty palms because of all of the food I ate. Not to mention that most of the time when I just allow myself to indulge I don’t get good sleep because I’m sick from all of the sugar. Continue reading


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    I remember when I was young, comparing myself to others was constant. We all know that comparisons just cause trouble because no matter what, we always end up on the losing end. We see all our imperfections on a magnifying glass–how can we not come out trampled and bloody beneath our own insecurities? If there were never any comparisons then there would most likely never be insecurities, right?

    I mean…You have to have a tall man to let the short man know he’s short. Continue reading


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    Going on a diet means that you will be hungry.

    I’m so sorry to be the one to say this, but I’m giving you this information with the idea that the knowledge of this is just as important for your success, as not. You know why?

    Let’s go back to when I was taking in a very large amount of food. My body had gotten used to throwing food in and feeling satisfied and never hungry. In fact, I don’t really remember ever allowing myself to get to the point of hunger. I probably ate so many calories for breakfast that I filled my quota for the day, but did I stop? I think not. So the feeling of hunger? I didn’t have it…ever.

    And this is why eating better and healthier and more within my allotted calories was so hard. Continue reading


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    I am 34 Days free of sugar!

    As I’ve mentioned on my Tessa Van Wade Facebook page,, the only moments of struggle that I have are at night when I’m sitting on my couch and Ben pulls out the most aromatic food in the world. Maybe that’s why most of us can’t say no to the stuff, because the smell of bad food is way better than the smell of good food. I mean we’ve all heard that Disneyland sprays smells into the air so that we can’t get away from the buttered popcorn, or cinnamon churros, or baked cookies. They do that because they know that the aroma of these foods are just as addictive as the taste. Continue reading