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    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I’ve always enjoyed the entire month because I can really get into the feeling of it with spooky stories, the change in weather, decisions on what to wear for that walk around the block, but most importantly you walk to neighbors, say a couple of words, and they give you candy. Ummm…what’s better than that?

    This is one area of my life that I have had to literally reconstruct in my brain to not let it be all about the junk that I was going to force in my belly. The thought of not being excited about candy was and has been in the past a sad thought. Truly sad. I would always say, “I don’t want to be one of those people that can’t enjoy a holiday”. And I truly meant it. It pissed me off to think that I wouldn’t get to indulge and not LIVE.

    Yet this last year, I have been walking through a process. Finally it started to occur to me that I had reached a point of being able to keep my weight in check by giving myself a cheat day and allowing certain holidays, yet after every one of my cheat days and holidays, I would feel awful. So when I think about it, my goal to live a balanced life, wasn’t really there yet. Why? Because I still stressed over my food intake, and I still HAD to HAVE cheating in my diet. Let me rephrase cheating. I HAD to HAVE binging. I would think all week about what I would put into my mouth at the end of the week. Continue reading


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    If you have ever thought about running, been scared to start running, wondered what all the hype is about running, then this interview is a good one for you. I’ve always been curious about running, but overall my body and mind fight it like the plague. Some say they can just go out and think about other things…when I go out, I’m thinking “just push through”, the entire time. Yet, I now believe after a lot of coversations with Jeramie that this does pass, and for some people, running is where it’s at.

    Remember, the only thing that is going to allow you to create permanent change in your life is if you find something that your heart, soul, and mind says, “I can continue this.” And for some, running turns out to be that thing. Whether it’s trails, people watching, the sound of the ocean, music in your ear, there might just be something about running that pulls you in. Think about it. It takes one thing to get that motor running inside of you…maybe it’ll be this interview with an amazing woman who has accomplished a lot in a very short time.

    Meet Jeramie!

    Who are you?

    First, I am the most blessed, happy woman on the planet. I love to feel healthy and strong. I will always be a dancer at heart even though I have only taken 2 classes since Divya was born 3 years ago. I love to feel emotions through music and movement and cannot wait until my life allows it back in. I love to run. Mostly because it is a constant challenge both mentally and physically. It has also made me more fit than I ever thought I could be. I am also a physician assistant.  I am so incredibly lucky to work only 2 days a week which creates a perfect balance for me in my life. I work in the wonderfully exciting field of dermatology. I spend my days at work making people feel beautiful (and occasionally doing some of that “real” dermatology, too!). Next I am a wife. I love my husband more and more each day. He is my best friend. I tell him everything and know he will accept me for who I am through thick and through thin. I miss him when he is at work and can’t wait to see his face when he comes home. Last (but certainly not least), I am a mother. If you are a mother, there are no words to explain what that does to someone. My two children (Divya age 3 and Bodhi age 1) are truly the reason I live. No matter what is happening around me, I look at them and I cannot help but feel joy. I still look at them sometimes and think to myself “What a minute. I have two kids? These kids grew inside of me and now here they are? I just don’t believe it.” I am a true believer in balance. I believe that a happy me allows for a happy marriage which creates a happy home.  Continue reading


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    Something occurred to me the other day.

    There are plenty of things that I do wrong. Especially when it comes to eating and/or fitness. I think it’s just normal to go through trial and error. Sometimes we find ourselves on the winning side of the trial and sometimes we are plain and simple, just losing. No matter how much knowledge we have on a certain subject in never fails that inevitably we will forget what we have learned and then we will be reminded later by something or someone. When we are reminded about something, only then do we usually look back at old habits and think, “Oh yeah, I knew that once…why didn’t I keep going?! Why did I just forget it so quickly?”

    Or am I the only one that this happens to?

    For example, I know that eating right is 90% our battle. Continue reading


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    I love Lexi’s smile. When I see her, which isn’t often enough, I am taken with her smile and now she’s passed it on to her son Jax. She has opened up in this interview and I’m so glad that she did. Anyone who has struggled with self acceptance knows how lonely that place can be. She’s a REAL woman with REAL issues that we all struggle with. She’s someone that may not have all the answers to everything, but that’s what I loved about her answers. I specifically loved her idea about being a LISTER. Many people will understand the happiness that comes with checking something off your list.

    And lastly, she’s someone who knows she can do this. Her goals are not perfection! Her goals are not to lose all of her curves! Her goal is to be healthy and have a great life with her son and husband. You’re going to love her.

    Please, meet Lexi!

    Who are you?

    My name is Lexi Baker.  I work in Accounting with a company who supplies VoIP and cloud-based solutions to “small and medium to large” businesses (I hate the way they word that!).  It’s not my dream job but being a mom who needs to work full-time in the Bay Area, it is what it is.  I’m getting married in April so I’d much rather spend my time planning our wedding (which just so happens to be my dream job).  I used to volunteer with the high school youth group at the church I grew up in, but again, after having the baby, my time is allocated elsewhere for the time being.

    When do you feel you first became aware of weight, fitness, your body?

    Well, having an older brother, I grew up playing outside and playing sports.  I played field hockey all through high school.  I never had any awareness of any kind of body image until my junior year in high school…and here we go.  I was going through a lot with my parents and a toxic boyfriend, and started not eating in an attempt to regain some control.  I started out at 5’1″ and 103 lbs.  After I lost 15 pounds and no one seemed to notice, I began to think that maybe I was overweight and just oblivious to it my whole life.  Things got more difficult and my weight ultimately plummeted to 77 lbs.  One day, I realized I was “really fucking hungry,” and immediately went and got a bacon double cheeseburger (I got some interesting looks being this skeletal girl wolfing down this huge thing). Continue reading


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    I have several interviews coming up for my Real People Series, but I’ll take this moment to veer a bit off subject while I’m editing.

    So, the question I get all of the time is A) from people who don’t know me, do I allow bad food in the house, and B) from people that do know me, how do I not eat the crap that I have in my house?

    The second question should answer the first. Yes, I do allow crap in my house. The definition of ‘crap’ for me is anything that tastes soooo good and is soooo bad for you–processed junk!

    Let me go back a little.

    I had NO boyfriends in high school. I’ve mentioned before in past posts that this was due to the fact that I would get so nervous, I would act the most ridiculous way and say the most ridiculous things. Although my senior year changed this. At the end of my senior year I met Ben. I didn’t think anything about it, except for the initial attraction. He was a pimply faced, skinny guy, but he had charisma. When things all began…I started the Boyfriend Diet. If you haven’t read that post, you should! What I didn’t say about the Boyfriend diet, was that although eating like a bird in front of him was the goal, I also couldn’t appear to be a dieter. I had a stigma against that as well. Sheesh, you would think I would give myself some wiggle room. Continue reading


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    We are so close to Christmas. I always know that when we get to Halloween, we are just around the corner from the most beautiful and nostalgic time of the year. For your body, it can also be the toughest time of the year. Why do we even have to have News Years resolutions? Because we’ve just gone through Christmas and need the New Years resolutions to get us back on track. Blah! I love the time, but it can also cause people a lot of panic.

    If you have learned one thing about my blog, it is that I am going to tell you not to panic. I’ll have moments of panic, yet I’ve learned to allow it, embrace it, and then work out a new plan.

    I’ve told you before that with my first pregnancy, I was panicked. I was so terrified to gain weight, along with stretch marks, and cellulite that I went for my first venture into no sugar territory. I felt so good. By the time I had my daughter I didn’t even crave or yearn for sweets. The only reason I went back to having a cheat day every week was because it was what I had done before. I look back on that and I wish I had just simply continued on. Continue reading


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    Kristi Baker is a beautiful woman. From the first moment I passed her, she was so graceful and I just adored her. I didn’t even know her! Yet, as I have communicated with her over the last few months and for this interview, I’ve found that my first instincts were on the nose. She is beautiful and sweet, and just my kind of woman.

    She agreed to do this interview and I am so glad that she did. I appreciate her openness. Especially when she referred to things as “All or Nothing”. It’s something that nearly all of of us battle. How many of us have been able to find that perfect balance, and that perfect harmony so that we don’t live in stress and become overwhelmed with all of the tasks that must be done? Not many.

    What happens when you have a fiancé, job, school, a wedding to plan, and still, you must find time to fit into that wedding dress?

    Please meet Kristi. She’s got some clues.

    Who are you?

    Oddly enough this is the hardest question of them all.  I guess I’ll start with my name is Kristi Baker, I will be turning 36 here in a couple of months.  Recently married, living in San Jose working in high tech sales for the past 10 years.  I am a huge animal person, have two dogs at home, love to cook, travel the world, eat, drink great wine and spend time with my hubby and family (I have three sisters and our family is very close).  I am not one to sit back and do nothing, I always have a project or projects going on and love to try new things.  I try my best to stay active and motivated when it comes to health and fitness whether it is going to the gym, doing pilates, a video at home, muay thai, walking the dogs, etc. Continue reading