JULY 2012


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    No matter how much we would like to think that we are the only ones influencing our kids, the truth is that we are not. I wish that I could keep my girls away from learning certain things about this world. If that were the case I could mold their little minds into only thinking about sunshine and rainbows. Yet the biggest thing that I have learned is that part of being a parent is not fearing the other influences in their lives because I have done my best at instilling the key elements to being a good human being.

    We all know that kids are so aware of everything, even when we think they are not. And sometimes the fear that we feel, they can feel. I truly believe that is why we need to throw out our fear about our bodies and embrace learning together as a family.

    This does not come easily for me. My fear has been as thick as a blanket around me for years, which only made me freak out over my children’s future. Gradually I’ve learned a couple of things to live by. Here are a few tips.

    1. Live today. Don’t worry about tomorrow or what your kids may learn from others. Instead let’s just give them tools to live by!

    2. Start with the basics. Yesterday, at dinner, my daughter and I talked about what carrots do for the body. She enjoyed learning that carrots give people superhuman eyesight! I know now that as she grows, she will always remember that the benefits of eating carrots. Make it a game! She was so interested in the carrots that she then asked about celery. We learned that celery can have some powerful disease fighting benefits. Continue reading


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    The other night I sat in a restaurant with my family having a good ol’ fashioned cheat meal. Yes, I absolutely do cheat!!! What would life be like if we couldn’t feel a little rebellious every once in a while? As I ate I caught sight of a table across the way. Sitting there, with her parents, was a beautiful little girl. She had long blonde hair, with bright eyes, and a large smile. Although I don’t know her true age, she was probably somewhere around eight years old.

    Unfortunately her sweet smile wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye. At such a young age, she was beyond obese. In doctor’s terms they would call her morbidly obese. Her cheeks were red from the added pressure of the weight her small bone structure was carrying. Her skin was pulled tight and stretched to the furthest degree until it even seemed uncomfortable.

    For the last few years my heart has just been overwhelmed with wonder about what I, somebody who is so small to this world, can do to help others not walk what I’ve walked. I don’t want others to feel ashamed of who they are, or even have to work that much harder at beating the weighty beast of this generation. How do I help others not give up? How do I help them find the thing that works for them? How do I help them realize the importance of their life? Morbid obesity is a part of my family. There have been and are generations in my blood line that have struggled or are struggling, and I believe this is why it has been such a deep seeded concern of mine. Continue reading


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    By now, you all know that I believe in working out with weights. I lift heavy weights and my body has progressively decreased in size since I began. Yet, even though I believe in its benefits, I do have some guidelines to follow for not bulking up. Or if you want to bulk up, there are ways to help!

    For not bulking up or bulking up, my theory is this…

    1. Your calories must match what you want your body to look like. If women eat like a foot ball player, it’s very likely that they will look like a football player. So, if you are working out like crazy, but eating like crazy, this only leads to creating mass. All of the extra calories have to go somewhere, so even if you are spending much of your time in the gym, you are only giving your body extra, extra, extra help for building muscle. This makes sense, right? My suggestion? Get your body on a mid range calorie diet for your height if you don’t want to bulk. Try not to eat more than you need! Continue reading


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    Here is the new challenge!! It will start this Monday, July 16th! Here is one full week of exercise sets. Every exercise can be googled. Do this before you start the set! Get to know each exercise for you will do this five day plan, four times! By the end of the month, the goal is to have better numbers, but also be more knowledgeable on these exercises! Continue reading


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    People will love to tell you that there is one fail-proof way of eating. DON’T BELIEVE THEM! The truth that matters is what works best for your body.

    For the last year I have been following a regimen of eating 5-6 meals a day, entering them into Livestrong, and making sure that my calories are a certain amount each day. What this has done for me has been priceless! I have learned what a true serving size is. I have learned what most foods will cost me in ratio of macronutrients, etc. So in otherwords it has made me so greatly knowledgeable. Because of this, I feel confident to eat just about anywhere and at anytime! You know what this gives me? Relaxation. No anxiety. Halelujah!

    The one thing I have learned about my body in going through all of these steps is that in order to help out my body and mind, I need to change things up. I’ve learned that my personal body adapts rediculously quickly. Upside of this…I can gain strength and endurance quickly, my body makes healthy strides quickly, and I could probably never starve! Remember when I was talking about my German ancestors and how they were built to hike across the earth? Okay well they were also built to never starve. My ancestors could have gone for weeks and weeks without food, but their body adapts so quickly that they would be fine. The downside to adapting quickly is that your body knows just exactly what it needs to do to make sure that you don’t drop weight. Continue reading


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    Once upon a time, I knew nothing. I’m guessing I got this from my grandmother.

    I love my grandmother to bits. She has Altzheimers now, but when I was a little girl, my family would go over to my grandparents house every Monday night for dinner. She was originally from Texas and made the most amazing mashed potatoes and gravy. My senior year when my mom and I were now living on our own during my parents separation, there was a time when the home that we were renting was sold and we had to be out rather fast. Before Mom and I could find another place, we had to live with my grandparents for a short spurt. I love them, but this was a tough time. There was something about my mom and I living with them again that suddenly they felt as though all boundaries were off and all of the rules and regulations they had because they were old…like going out at night (AKA anytime past 4PM), were, well, ours now too. I honestly seize up to this day when I think about this time. Continue reading


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    When I think about beautiful bodies, many things come to mind. And the interesting thing is that the way a woman moves has a bit of sway to my thoughts. For example, I have seen uber skinny women, curvaceous hour glassed women, and women with quite a bit of junk in the trunk move like revered lions out of the den as they walk down a street and I’m transfixed. If a woman knows what she has and knows the power she holds, then NO ONE has a choice but to accept what she’s already telling us…SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. And this applies to everyone, men and women.

    If we can embody confidence and assuredness then that’s all people will see.

    I have struggled with this for years. If I have a bad weigh in, if I have a bad morning, if I eat something I feel I shouldn’t, if someone hurts my feelings, if I think I’m not where I should be in life, then I battle for hours. Now, if I’m battling under the surface then how am I conveying confidence to anyone? On bad days, I can worry about every little thing. On good days, my worry drops to about 70%. On amazing days, I can actually have a day when I believe in the fact that I am in the right place, at the right time, because there is no other possibility for me.

    Today I want you to think about some new goals. What are goals for? Goals are not there to make you frustrated if you don’t reach them as fast as you want to, goals are not there to be something you fear! Goals are a desired result of going after something. Nothing in goals gives you a time, it is simply a destination.

    I want everyone to find their sway–to feel as though their skin is only a home for their soul and their soul is happy, prepared, and confident as they are! We leave left over guilt, shame, worry, and pity behind.

    A new challenge is coming up, and a new goal is needed. My goal is to relax and lessen my worry. I want to live everyday knowing that I am pursuing my dreams. Don’t stay stagnant in your body and mind. Get out there and figure out what makes you happy. Then let’s figure out a path to take to get there with small goals and larger goals.

    What is your goal?


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    As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been able to write too much once summer hit. Things have gotten busy, but that’s the way that it should be right? Summer is absolutely my favorite time of the year and I’m always up for moving and staying active. Vacations are an absolute must and expected during the high sun and lovely heat. And this weekend was our first weekend trip of the summer.

    Used to when I knew that I was going to be out of town, I would actually grow anxious about it for days or even weeks before we would leave. You see, I’d worked so hard to get where I was and I can gain weight so quickly that the thought of falling down the rabit hole into a bunch of unexpected guests and turns just urked my stomach. So I would find myself getting extremely planned. Continue reading