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    One of the best days that I’ve had so far in my acting career is a day that, had I stepped back and second guessed myself, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience it. Once again on my quest for my SAG vouchers before booking the role on Just Go With It, I was desperate to find them somewhere and on something. I was tired of the rat race that seemed to happen on every set where people clambered for the chance to get any or all of those golden tickets. Although I wanted to give up so many times, I luckily have grown a good deal of tenacity over the years and eventually won out. But one night, a few months before my lucky hand was finally dealt, I wasn’t looking forward to just having another pair of  pocket tens given to me. Anyone knows that when you are playing cards, one of the worst things that can be given to you, is a pair of something right off the bat. Because it tricks you into thinking you have something good, but inevitably the cards on the table never fall in your favor and you end up throwing all your money away waiting for that third ten to pop…sometimes we don’t even get the hint until after the river card is thrown. So that’s where I was. It felt like I was playing a thousand hands of, oh-so-close-poker, but never going home with the big prize. So, on this night when I got a background job on the set of Eli Stone, that would be shooting at night all the way through to morning, I didn’t really want to go. Continue reading


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    I’ve loved the amazing responses that I’ve gotten from people about what they have chosen to do for the Smaller by Summer Challenge. People are genuinely excited and motivated to do this! Yet with the excitement comes a little anxiety, right? A little bit of “oh no, what did I just get into?”

    “Can I do this?”

    If you are scared…it’s completely normal. I’ve learned to actually appreciate and go after the things I’m afraid of, and you know what, it feels pretty darn good. Because the more you attack your fears, the less time you have to obsess over why you’re fearing something because you’re just doing it. Your feet are running and you are moving…so there’s less time to sit back.

    Your anxiety and fear means that you know you really want it. You really want to do this and you don’t want to let yourself down. Continue reading


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    I have had so many people ask specifically about water retention and bloating that it actually felt like I should do a post about it before the 90 Day Challenge. Probably between now and April 4th, I’m going to spend time either preparing you for the Smaller by Summer Challenge, or I’m going to spend some time answering the most frequently asked questions. This one in particular is important because I’ve learned alot about these subjects because I’ve dealt with them so horribly. And if anyone is dealing with either, I also want you to try and work on finding some solutions to these problems during the Challenge. What better time to go after certain issues with your health and body!

    Just a few years ago I started having problems with my stomach. I don’t remember when because it happened so gradually, that I didn’t pay attention to any symptoms. All I know is that it felt like one morning I woke up and it was as though I had been dealing with this issue for years! The good days eventually fell short of all the bad days I was having, and finally, after a long time of dealing with it, I couldn’t take anymore. Basically what my body feels is swollen around the stomach. It starts okay in the morning, but by night time I’ve completely lost my abs (and when you work hard, there’s nothing more frustrating!). Continue reading


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    The rules of the Smaller By Summer Challenge are pretty simple…

    1. Choose one of the three options for nutrition.

    Again, if you are doing the shake with me and my mom, contact me at or in my inbox on my Facebook! We want to get on ordering those for you. I will send everyone an e-mail about what they should be eating daily when on the shakes.

    2. On April 4th I will begin posting two fifteen minute workout videos. Depending on your level of fitness, you may do one or both. The goal is to workout five days a week and leave the weekend for active recovery. (I’ll discuss it more later.) Since these workouts are only thirty minutes, it leaves you time for everything else in the day!! But from the kind of workouts I do, people have been seeing results in as little as 12 minutes a day.

    3. Take before pictures! And when you see results, send them to me! I never realized how important before pictures are. They will motivate during and even after the 90 Days!!! Continue reading


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    I have wanted to do a 30-90 Day Challenge since I started this blog. I have people in my life that I am just so excited to see get healthy. For everyone, knowing that they have a group of people doing a challenge together, having a place to ask questions, and encouragement all the way is the only way they will see change! And so, I’m ready and excited for everyone! Even me! I’ve never been a part of a 90 Day Challenge and I’m truly hoping that I learn a bit about myself along the way. I feel like all of you that have been following my posts and being so active in my life have become such dear friends since January when I started this and I can’t wait to continue this with you!

    So, here we go. Here are some things that I really want you to know. Continue reading


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    I woke up this morning revived. You wouldn’t think that the stomach flu would do that to you, but it did. The reason is that I allowed my body to rest and because I had the justification of the flu, my mind was able to let go. I tend to be very healthy, rarely catching anything, and it’s funny how I find myself sometimes thinking how good it would feel to be sick enough that my mind would be able to just shut off and I could just lay on the couch all day–to not think about working out, to not think about my food, or my responsibilities. It sounds crazy, I know. But it’s for the very reason of things like this. I granted myself four days of rest, and Monday morning I wake up and I’m ready to go after the moon.

    Sometimes you just need to step away from life, have no rules, have no schedule, and most importantly, a free pass to have none of those things. The true fact is that it shouldn’t have to take sicknesses and such, to get us there. Yet we are a society that’s on the move and on the go! We feel lazy or useless if we turn off our brain and just focus on resting. Continue reading


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    One of the biggest things that I have learned is that we all need people surrounding us that can give us a huge whopping/resounding LOVE YOU and YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! Ever since I started this process of discovery, I have actually received the opposite. It’s a constant battle in my world.

    People get embarrassed by how you order at a restaurant or they’re bothered by how you measure your food at home. There will be people that encourage you to work out, or skip it. For some reason even your loved ones whether they realize it or not will make comments about the new changes in your life.

    Even though my goals are to be as healthy as can be, people will make comments like, “when is it good enough?” Continue reading


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    Do you truly believe that you can reach your goals?

    If your answer to that question was no, then you are exactly where I was. I believed it to be completely impossible. I was doomed to forever be unhappy with the way I felt and looked. I was doomed to watch those women that I admired walk casually and comfortably in their clothes while I pushed and pulled at my awkward fitting jeans.

    Don’t let this stay. Refuse to believe this. You can reach your goals and all it takes is just ONE thing. ONE thing that will turn your life around and start you on a new path.

    I’ve come up with a plan to motivate everyone. Summer is coming, in fact it’s just around the corner. Nothing appeals to our senses more than the excitement of vacations and warmth, beaches and backpacking, picnics and water slides. Every summer is a time to be cherished. Now imagine if you could reach your goals by June or July. Think of how you would feel walking around the beach in a tan with a smile on your face because you’ve changed your life. Continue reading


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    Beyond all of the posts that I have already written, there are other things that I do to help my body. I have learned and am still learning enough tweaks and golden nuggets of information that I can probably post for years without worrying about what to write. It’s important that you know that there are millions of things to try to get your brain and body connected with this healthy business. The question is, which one will you try today?

    This post I’m going to lay out my eating routine for you. Many of you have asked about it.

    Everyday I follow an easy layout with my meals. In order for your metabolism to do the best work for you, beyond eating all day long, I try and set up my meals with strategy.

    I always eat breakfast first thing when I wake up. I am not one of those people that can wait. Looking forward to breakfast is practically the only thing that pulls me out of my warm and cozy bed. Continue reading


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                In life, one of the biggest things that we must realize is that we are constantly learning. When you think you know everything to anything, there is a problem. Everyone in this world is, at the same time, a teacher and a student. We all have things that we excel at and to parallel those we have our weaknesses.

                Every month I feel like I am being schooled in one way or another. If it isn’t in my acting, it’s in my script or novel writing. But the place that I have had to be the most in depth and attentive student has been health and fitness.

                I hope that I’ve been open and honest about all of the mistakes that I have made to get where I am and not only that, but I hope that the fact is clear that I am a work in progress. Continue reading


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                As I’ve mentioned before, because of my frustration I cut my calories way too much last summer. I tried everything up to that point, but for some reason my body would not get out of it’s ridiculous plateau. I wish I knew then what I know now. So, if you feel as though your metabolism isn’t working well enough, or you feel as though you’ve hit some kind of plateau where your body won’t drop anymore weight, then this is the post for you.

                I’ve been eating healthy for so long that like I said, because of a lack of change in my body, I finally just threw in the towel last summer. I had been so smart about my eating and I knew my body was healthy, but I had bigger goals then that. But remember plateaus can happen at any stage whether you’ve been losing weight for either a short or long period of time. Continue reading


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                There’s something important that if you change it, without even changing the way you eat all other times of the day, it will make a difference in your body. In fact, this is going to be a short post because what I am asking you to try is so simple. (Simple in idea, not necessarily in living it)

                So many of you have asked me about eating late at night. I have no problem with this! In fact, I always have an evening snack at the end of the day, unless I’ve used up my calories already by dinner. The reason I eat so late is because I want to give my body any chance to continue burning calories, even if it’s while I sleep.

                The catch is that I eat very carefully at night. Two rules that I follow… Continue reading


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                I tried something new about two months and ago and it has done me well, so I thought that I would share it.

                Here’s the strange thing about sugar and junk food, the more you eat it, the more you crave it. The same is true for…the less you eat, the less you crave it. If someone could refrain from eating sugar for a couple of months then I guarantee they and their taste buds would have a different understanding of what sweet is. The problem is that most of us can’t get to that point. Which is why I think that hardcore diets right at the beginning are a recipe for disaster. The moment someone says to you, you can’t have something, the more you want that specific thing. Continue reading


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    I’ve come to the conclusion that diets are a bit like religion. Overall, every diet understands the basic principles of what will make you healthy, but it’s actually the small logistics that seem to throw everyone a curve ball. And yet each diet so clearly and loudly swears that they are THE ONE that it makes us struggle with truly understanding what to choose. The Zone Diet, South Beach, Paleo Diet, The Four Hour Diet, in fact most diets I can think of, all seem to hover over the same basic principles;

    PICK HEALTHIER FOOD. Continue reading


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    You probably noticed that I disappeared for a few days. I was off gallivanting through Disneyland. There’s something about that place that even as an adult I can shed all worries and just be present and in the moment when I am there. In fact, I get a little sad every time I have to leave.

    It’s actually a bit surprising to me that I can still feel the same about Disneyland as I used to. You see, my mom and I have always taken trips to Disneyland. It’s just always been our thing. Beyond the blissful and fun experience—going there gave me a chance to eat some of the richest and sweetest treats in the world. Everything there is just a notch above the everyday deserts. They’ve planned it this way beautifully, just the same as they’ve planned how clean and perfect the ambience is. As I was preparing for this trip I just quickly looked up on my LIVESTRONG.COM how many calories I would burn from walking all day long. It turned out to be even more than I expected. So my first thought was how does everyone not lose weight while they are there?
    Continue reading


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    From the get go, when all the health and fitness change began, I knew myself well enough to know that I could not do it cold turkey. I just did not have the willpower to say no to sweets or bad food forever. That’s why I’ve always decided on a cheat day for the week. From the morning until night, I didn’t have to think about a thing.

    This is definitely something that I still believe got me to where I am today. The key to a cheat day, or cheat meal, is to know yourself. My personality has evolved just as much as my health. Used to, I would sometimes have trouble keeping it at just a cheat day. In fact, I would have a cheat day then I would pick and nibble on bad stuff for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, this isn’t what I mean by a cheat day. Continue reading


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    [youtuber youtube=’’]

     So here is the video that I shot with Juli on Saturday. It’s shows you the Circuit Training that I do four times a week. Sometimes it is an all over body workout, sometimes it is just legs, and sometimes it is arms. But EVERY TIME it is great cardio. My chest has risen and fallen more with Circuit Training than anything else.

    Not only that but, it changes every time. There are thousands upon thousands of exercises out there and there is no reason that your workout should look the same every time. Boredom is your biggest enemy in this quest. Sometimes I create my own routines based on what I have at home. If I just make sure I move from exercise to exercise with little rest, then my heart gets pumping and I deserve and have earned the right to stop at forty-five minutes! Continue reading