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    Within the first week of Circuit Training, my body already looked better. I had to wait four days after the first session to workout again. The only thing that I could do for those four days was some cardio. But by the next week, I felt so much better. Even after only a week, with how my body looked, I expected a change in the scale. Alas, there was no change.

    Beyond the scale, I was still excited because I had found something that I was enjoying. You see, I deal with boredom when working out. It’s torture to me, to just do a straight exercise for too long.

    When I train with Juli, she gives me a workout card. It says every exercise, how many reps, and how much weight I need. So after four days, I started working out by myself. The first thing that I found with circuit training was that, even by myself, I could sweat just as much as with Juli. I had her to talk me through each exercise once a week and then I would concentrate on doing things the way that she said. For example, before Juli, I had done a million lunges in my lifetime. After Juli, I realized all those millions of lunges I had done, had been without her tweaking and therefore, not as effective. On my first lunge she kicked out my back heel and suddenly I was in 80% more pain. Our body has a tendency to get into habits of movement. This is why trainers are so important. If your trainer is not constantly realigning you while you are doing an exercise then you are missing out on essential knowledge. Continue reading


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    Your goals are going to determine the measures you take. This post is to help you decide where you are in your goals and learn how to truly access your situation. The thing that I feel is the trouble with diets (that you hear from a friend, or you pick up a book and read) is that it cannot access your personal situation. It forces you to adapt to their rules instead of trying to immediately make the changes a part of YOUR lifestyle. If you love meat, how would a diet that forces you to be a vegetarian, ever stick? So, in order to begin any sort of regimen, I really want you to take a look at your life and answer these questions. Continue reading


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    Everybody is a different height and body makeup, which ultimately makes all of our caloric needs different. A forty-five year old, 5’3 woman will absolutely need a different intake of calories then a thirty year old, 5’6 woman and so on.

    I have asked you to try and begin eating five to six meals a day, rather then breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and how to break up the calories evenly, but I haven’t yet explained, with what calorie intake to begin.

    It doesn’t mean that you have to be obsessive about it or even follow calorie counting like crazy, but I will say that the knowledge of what your needs are will dramatically help you. Otherwise you are fighting blind and fat cells seem to always have perfect sight.

    Here is a calorie counter. Input your age and size and it will tell you what your maintenance calories should be, your fat loss calorie intake, and your extreme fat loss calorie intake. http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm Continue reading


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                The reason I started this blog was because, with everyone that I ever conversed with about their weight struggles, I saw a bit of me in them. The pain, frustration, feeling of hopelessness, and just having no idea about where to begin is still so deeply imbedded in my memory, that it’s like that girl still, in some ways, exists in me. I look back on the days when all I could think about when going to bed was what I would have for lunch the next day and I often wonder where that LOVE and DESIRE for something to simply taste good, came from. Beyond sex, our need for taste is one of the strongest desires in ones life and it makes total sense. When something bad has happened in your life, food takes you away for that brief moment into ecstasy…the toughest part about this moment is it unfortunately ends. We’re taught from a young age, that celebration means cake and candy and sweetness! I mean Willy Wonka was every childs’ dream—to have a world completely made up of candy and sweets.  I get it. Wholeheartedly, I get it. Continue reading


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           I want to give you an idea of my Circuit Training workout to show you why it’s different than just pure cardio/HIIT Training/all workouts without the use of weights. So, I’ve got a video in the works that will show you why my body, if I ever nix the cardio for a bit, won’t just fall soft again. You’ll see me sweating my butt off, and I’ll introduce Juli.

                So until I get the video up for you, I’m going to start laying a little ground for nutrition. Continue reading


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     When it comes to nutrition and exercise, there may be no one who desires to learn more than I do. It’s how I’ve been since high school and it just took working with Juli to revive that passionate part of me. I had come so far on my own from the Boyfriend diet to now, and I couldn’t let a plateau make me believe that I knew nothing.

    But isn’t that always the case? We may know it all backward and forward (most of us know what it takes to be healthy), but sometimes, when all our own cheerleaders have fallen to the ground, their chests heaving up and down, their voices hoarse from too many cheers, we all need someone to pick us up and encourage us in our endeavors. We all need a JULI. Continue reading


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                After my exhaustion and a needed break, for the first time in a long time my workouts became less consistent. I was just so bored with my normal routine and I was terrified of making a decision as to what workout I should really be doing. All I knew is NOTHING had changed my body so much that I would wear shorts. I hadn’t put them on since high school and I wasn’t going to start anytime soon, thin or not.

                My quest for something made me anxiety ridden. Not to mention that the way I was eating wasn’t helping matters either. I continued to convince myself that I was just one of those people molded by bad genetics.

                There was a woman that I had met a few times while I picked up my daughter from school. She was/is gorgeous! Her body was/is exactly the body that I craved, but seemed to never achieve and I had known right away that she was a trainer. Just in passing I had asked her a few questions over the year, but I always assumed that I couldn’t afford a trainer. I desperately desired one, but even just gym memberships, yoga studios, etc, were $150 a month. Continue reading


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                I’ve given several challenges throughout these posts, and I hope that some of you are trying a few. I know how difficult it can be to be careful of portion control, to watch your sugar intake, to try and begin a new exercise, etc. But remember, all it takes is one thing to stick, so keep trying. Be determined to try something new everyday if you have to. If you desire that, let me know and I’ll start posting even smaller challenges to do everyday. I have so many running through my head constantly and it might be fun to try a 30 day challenge, so feel free to ask.

                I wanted to take a moment, in between the other posts, to explain two of the largest unused tools in losing weight and getting healthy—Stress and Sleep. They can affect your ability to begin, continue, or do well in changing your life. Continue reading


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                I gave up. It seemed that no matter what I did, nothing was changing from all this exercise. My legs were not cooperating. And strangely, my body had leaned out from no exercise, but it turned out to be only for a short time.

    I would simply concentrate on eating lower calories. I remember specifically feeling like this, “Well, if other people can eat whatever they want just in smaller quantities, then why shouldn’t I be able to?” So the goal was to drop calories with not necessarily greatly nutritious food.

                So, I began to drop my calories. I had always heard that your body would go into starvation mode, but unfortunately, I felt as though my genetics would keep me from that. Because nothing had worked, I decided that I was just one of those people that had a severely slow metabolism and my body only needed a small amount of calories. Continue reading


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     After Jillian Michaels, I moved on to Insanity. Insanity is a challenging set of DVD’s that is mainly based on the HIIT idea. Jillian Michaels is also a form of this. HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. The idea is that the old ways of jumping on a treadmill, Stair-master, Elliptical, or running straight and steady, etc. doesn’t do the trick as quickly or as efficiently anymore as HIIT training. An example of HIIT would be to use a treadmill, but instead of running at one pace, take thirty minutes and run for two minutes at a do-able pace, then shock your body by upping the level to nine and sprint for thirty seconds to a minute. Do this over and over and it is considered HIIT training. Your drops to the lower speed are your active recovery. It has been said that this type of training keeps burning calories for up to twenty-four hours after you’ve done the workout. Ultimately, the idea that you must spend more than thirty minutes exercising because the body doesn’t begin burning fat until after the thirty-minute mark, is turned upside down with HIIT. People say that you may do as little as fifteen minutes a day with HIIT training and still lose bodyfat. Continue reading


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    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1QmeEdFOSc’]

    I’m not one to write about current events and I’m never going to be one to throw out controversial opinions about religion or politics. It’s just not me. Some people can make a great living from that, but I don’t feel called to this sort of platform in the slightest. But last night we all heard the unfortunate news of Whitney Houston and something in my heart just broke. I’m not going to take this time to talk about her life or death, challenges or otherwise, because I’m no expert! I don’t claim to know anything about the personal life of the woman who was Whitney Houston.

    Although her death caused me to watch one of my favorites of all her performances, which I am sure the sentiment is shared by many. Continue reading


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    We’ve all been taught certain manners and customs that have been around for ages in regards to diet. I remember learning the nutrition pyramid in elementary school and since I was a child I have come to understand breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a small bit of snacking in between.

    Unfortunately, we’ve been slightly misled. I’ll only address one of the ways in this post.

    The closer and closer that I get to my goals of nutrition and health, the more invisible breakfast, lunch, and dinner have become. In fact, the only reason I call something dinner, is to describe when I’m meeting someone or I’m expected somewhere. Continue reading


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                I finally received my SAG card when I booked a job on the movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (originally, while filming, it was going to be called The Pretend Wife…I still forget they changed it). The night that I found out I would be in it, I could not conceal my joy. It was a perfect movie to end my long, sometimes torturous quest for that stinkin’ card. I would be a McFunnigan’s (a fake place meant to be like Chucky Cheese) employee. When I finally got to set, they placed me in an orange visor, khaki shorts that went just to my knees, and a large orange polo shirt. None of my Tracy Anderson body would be seen through this ensemble. Continue reading


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                During my senior year in high school, my emotions were up and down. How could a year that had so many extraordinary things happening, have such a painful underbelly? My parents were separating after nearly 25 years of marriage and while my brothers were away at college, I still had my senior year to survive. I am positive that the pain I was feeling exacerbated my weight issues, although the beginning of them had started long before.

    My senior year in high school as I tried to cling to any normalcy I had, when I would get home many things would come flying at my face. The fighting and mud slinging was a constant battle, but there’s also an empathy that you have towards these two people that you love so dearly, that makes you want to take care of them whether you should or shouldn’t. When I think back to that time, I have a feeling of tension that I used to feel on my chest. It’s strange, because I didn’t know it was there until now. Continue reading


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             I used to tell people that even when I worked out I could not sweat. I truly believed this. It wasn’t something I was just saying for the hell of it.

    When I first began with Tracy Anderson, suddenly I looked down at all of my t-shirts and tank tops to find them completely darkened with sweat. Drips of water fell down my forehead and landed on my cheeks. What in the world? Wait a minute, so I could sweat? I hadn’t a clue.

    I had never seen my skin glistening like this. And strangely, it was exhilarating. I started to crave it a little. Everyday I wanted to feel that connection to my body and look like I had just crawled through Death Valley mid summer on my hands and knees. There’s something a little addictive about shedding sweat and I’m not sure whether it is mental or physical. Continue reading


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    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m00Zqi1R8I&context=C304ab14ADOEgsToPDskJGvKbTiDgR62IuzrshLDBb’]

    After my experiences on set, those last ten pounds were controlling my thoughts. If I stepped into an audition, would they not choose me because of those last ten pounds? When asked to be in a bathing suit for a show or photo shoot, the panic was a little overwhelming. Soon, I began to tread on waters I’d never been.

    At this point, it felt like I was eating so healthy and had tried everything under the sun to lose those last few pounds. So, I knew that working out was key, but remember, the idea of lifting weights was completely out of the question. I soon found, through the chatter in LA, that Tracy Anderson was the woman to try. Immediately I got on the computer and ordered her dance cardio DVD and her mat workout DVD. Continue reading


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    It’s amazing the mental game that we must do to help ourselves. The first thing you need to do is surrender yourself to the fact that there is a game. And yes, you must play! If you want to see yourself with a healthier future, you will need to figure out what works for your brain as well as your body and heart. I’ll let you in on some of the tricks I use.

    First, the brain is an amazing thing. It will continue thinking even when you are unaware. There have been so many times that an entire conversation goes on in my head and I just let my brain take me for a joyride. I am completely oblivious, until something snaps and I realize I haven’t been challenging one single thought in my brain. This is why it is so important to try and work on the habit of listening to what your brain is telling you. Continue reading