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             After maintaining for a while doing a small bit of exercising with things like pilates and the elliptical, and eating small amounts—not necessarily all the right things—a lot of change happened. I moved states. Suddenly, I lived next to the beach and I was back in my groove of going after a career in acting and writing for film. For one year, in order to get my SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card, I did background work, AKA I was herded like cattle. I put in my dues working overtime and some of the work was fun. Although, the quickest thing I learned was that I was not Hollywood fit. I may have looked good in the clothes that I had chosen because I was able to accentuate my best features and get the correct sizes, but walking to wardrobe especially on shows such as CSI: MIAMI, etc. was torture. I knew they would look at the clothes that I brought, feel that they were too conservative and hand me a dress that was too short. But I needed my SAG card! I had to do this. Continue reading


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    My plan was not to inundate you with too much all at once even though I’ve written everyday. There are so many posts just waiting to be read (And I promise you, they will come), but I came across a couple of things that I just had to post today.

    A few months ago I saw a girl walking down the street. She had torn black stockings on, her clothes were black with chains, her face was pierced in every direction, and her blue hair was high on the top of her head. It was bright and sunny out and when I saw her, she made me smile. I watched her for a couple of minutes because she was wearing herself with pride. For some reason I grew strangely happy watching her. The man that was with me (he tends to be rough around the edges anyway) saw her and made some nasty comment about this girl that I won’t repeat and my thoughts were suddenly turned sour. I realized that most people probably see her the same way—as a troubled teen. Here’s the ironic part. I was one of the most normal looking teens you could find. I didn’t step out with the way I dressed and I didn’t rebel from the community in anyway. In fact, I stressed over wearing the same thing as everyone else because otherwise I would be different. And obviously, people that comment like this man with me, don’t like different. Continue reading


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    After giving up half of my food portions and only drinking water and tea I saw changes in my body, but I never knew what to do beyond that. These small changes made a big enough difference that I could fit into the clothes that I desired and was happy—to an extent.

    In my early twenties, at the beginning of my first pregnancy, I was terrified. There was a huge, neon-flashing fear in the back of my mind that I would fall into my old habits. I was now supposed to eat for two, and be okay with my body changing into massive mush. Finally, I decided that just wasn’t going to happen.

    I had been doing yoga for a year before my pregnancy so I made it a rule that I would not stop. I had reached a level where I was extremely proud of some of the balancing poses and strength poses that I could do. No amount of morning (all-day really) sickness would keep me from it. Continue reading

  • 85-90% DIET

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    A lot of us are active, a lot of us are not. Dependant upon what we do for a living we can range from sedentary (anything at a desk) or active (courier…shout out to Luanne). Some of us spend hours at the gym, while others never go. We’ve all seen the fit people who live sedentary lives, and we’ve all seen the out of shape people who live active lifestyles.

    After being asked several times what exercise I do to stay in shape, I’ve now come up with my first response. For although I do exercise nearly everyday, the truth of the matter is your weight and the way one will look is 85-90% diet. The response to this is interesting. I usually receive a shocked expression. This does not mean that you should not start exercising before you change your diet! If that is what snowballs you, than do it!! All it means is that the end goal (the photo you plaster on your refrigerator of your ideal body) will not be reached unless you can adjust your eating. Continue reading


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    Often times I have heard of parents explaining certain times of the day when their kids are more hyper or out of control than usual as jungle hour. Our bodies are absolutely no different. If you have followed my posts so far than maybe you are: Not letting your genetics derail or cage you, you’ve taken the two tests to prove to yourself that you are very likely not big boned and hopefully you’ve figured out whether you are Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph (these should be helpful when you are exercising, I’ll discuss later), changed your mind about the bulking issue, made a list of what you feel is beauty—good and bad—discussed it with someone—maybe even started communicating where cracks lie in your own confidence, the Boyfriend Diet, dropped all drinks but water and tea, quit using sweeteners, and lastly, you’ve all registered to Livestrong and tracked your one week. Continue reading


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      Okay so here’s a big one. If I could suggest anyone to read only one of these posts, it would be this one. Something that changed my life just last year was truly figuring out the calories that I was taking in daily. Ten years ago this would have been much more difficult, but now there is something that has every small bit of information at your fingertips. It’s a website that counts calories. There are many! www.fitday.com, www.calorieking.com, www.myfitnesspal.com—to name a few. The one that I use is www.livestrong.com. We all know of Lance Armstrong and he has done some amazing things for the health of this country. Continue reading


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                At a time when I was working out two hours a day, six days a week, I was suddenly able to fit into jeans I had never been able to before. Everything was good except for one thing. I liked the way I looked in jeans, but when I would take them off, I still had cellulite. No matter what I did, it didn’t seem to come off.

                Not only that, but it was all over from my ankles to my thighs. Most of the time when you were as healthy as I was and working out as much as I was, cellulite would at least be in certain spots—not all over. I started searching on the internet for something, anything that would help. I was attacked with plenty of articles on the heredity of cellulite, which only made me disgusted that I was destined to wear long jeans the rest of my life. Continue reading


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    Nearly at the same time I snatched my first boyfriend and created the Boyfriend Diet, I was also in the process of joining Miss Tulare County. A friend, Sara, and I had decided that we needed to find something for our Senior Projects—a requirement for graduating. I remember the day that Sara convinced me it would be a great idea (she had already committed to it and needed a friend to help ease her discomfort). I said yes and we were on our way to becoming ladies. Unfortunately, when Sara and I get together there is never a serious moment, and I’m sure the women in charge were ready to strangle us…and I’m pretty sure that this started on the very first meeting. I found out quickly that for Miss Tulare County (we’ll just call it MTC) that this would be the same as all pageants and we would be forced to walk across the stage in our bathing suits. Continue reading


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    The beginning of my personal snowball…

    The boyfriend diet–this is a term I use to explain the beginning of my transition from eating 5000 calories a day to well…I’m not sure…but it had to be better than that. From all that I have explained to you of my past you now know that at one time I was such a junkie that I licked Dorritos when my mouth was too sore to continue chewing, and I scared away boys because instead of talking I could only ramble in a manic, hyper kind of way. Neither bodes well for me.

    In my senior year of high school—as you’ve noticed I have skipped from freshman to senior year very quickly…this was not on accident—my parents were going through an ugly divorce and I was spending an indecent amount of time away from home. It was probably good for me since I tended to be the daughter who stayed at home on Saturday nights so I could go to movies and dinner with my parents. Remember how much I ate? You would also try and eat only in front of your parents. Continue reading


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                While I was in high school I never had a boyfriend. Not one. Granted I was overweight, so I looked different, but it was more than that. I had zero confidence. I could not talk to boys. There are actually thousands of memories that are rather embarrassing regarding me with boys. I’ll only tell one, at least for this post.

    At the end of my freshman year I started cutting out fats in my diet. It worked and I started getting a lot of compliments. I figured that I would take it to the next level and eventually as my freshman year came to an end and the summer began, I was hardly eating during the day (I’m fifteen, it’s sad how quickly this obsession can start). I remember one day in particular, the only thing I ate was a low fat burrito at lunch. I was also working out twice a week. No cardio, just lifting weights. During that time I grew confidence. Continue reading


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               One of the main reasons I wanted to begin this journey was simply to answer the questions I have been asked or answer questions that I, at one time, had wished would have been laid out for me. But it’s also about giving answers to people with different, unique, “not the norm” situations. I have a dear friend who just lost use of her right leg. She used to be one of the most active people I know and now, because of pain, she’s unable to do the things she used to. Now she’s finding it a little tougher to eat the way she used to eat because she can’t be as active. Rightfully so! Her life has been turned upside down. Well, somewhere down the line I want to post about working out with disabilities. If she is the only one to read this blog, then it’s done its job.

    I want to share what I have learned about working out with NO MONEY! Continue reading


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                I have proceeded to be afraid of weights as though if I touch them, they will somehow pump that heavy metal straight into my bloodstream and immediately make me twenty pounds heavier or look like The Rock. I have a couple of theories as to why most women feel the same way.

                First off, we hold in high regard the beauties of our society to be the ones walking down catwalks with wings on their backs. Every time I pass a Victoria Secret in the mall, I stare at the large cardboard posters of them wondering what I am doing wrong. So, our first instinct is to think that our muscles must be long and lean like theirs.

    And we also assume that exercise can make our muscles long or lean. Continue reading


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    First thing I want to do is set straight a couple of myths that we start to believe and tell ourselves constantly. This will be done in two posts that will address the Big B’s. Big Bones and Bulking.I have believed in every lie in the book and then some. Sadly, I never tried to debunk any of these ideas before I took them as fact. Part of it is that I had no idea where to begin or what to look for.So that is why THIS is one of the first things that I suggest you do. Before you start any program, diet or fitness. I want to avoid any confusion to squelch all the fear that can come with these myths.

    1.  I am big boned. Probably not. This is something that many of us begin to hold on to as we see the weight creep up. Now, do I believe that there are different shapes of people? Yes! For example, I am 5’8 (as I’ve mentioned before) and I don’t tend to be ‘skinny’ (the men and women who must work at keeping muscle and meat on their bones). That’s not my natural state. So I always assumed that I was just big boned. That was my lot in life—big bones. When I actually went to a place where I could measure whether I was large framed or not, it was so interesting to learn that, in fact, I was not big boned. I was medium or closer to the lower end of medium. What an eye opening experience. It suddenly changed a rule…a wall…a barrier for myself that had been set before I even had the knowledge to rebuke such an assumption. This is what everyone should do. Go to http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/met.htm and scroll down until you reach the measurement chart for BODY FRAME. Then follow the instructions. Please remember that you are measuring the bone and not the meatiness around it. Continue reading


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    As a junior in high school, I took my last foreboding step onto a scale for what would begin the longest weight scale hiatus in history. I watched as I pushed the little metal square farther than I wanted or even expected it to go. I knew I had been gaining, but I just hadn’t realized how much (which is always the case). I was at 170 or greater—I jumped off the scale pretty quick to know for sure—and I am 5’8. Most of my friends at that time could eat whatever they wanted and still keep their tight high school figure. The upside of weight gain; my boobs were huge. The down side…I had no idea how to lose it and I had no idea how to get motivated without a plan. Some will even say 170 isn’t all that much, but it’s more about how I lived than what I weighed.

    I had been taught to LOVE junk food. I wanted fast food for every meal. Eating sweets was comfort. “Hey, let’s grab a pretzel at the mall with the cheese sauce,” “nah, I think I feel like Aunt Bonnie’s cookies today,” “you know what, even though we had lunch just an hour ago, I want a hotdog.” Continue reading


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    It’s called the snowball effect and we’ve all heard of it. I’ve even recently seen a car commercial where a man makes a snowball so that it travels down a hill to knock a parked car out of the parking space he desires. Lives can snowball until we’re so busy that we can’t breathe. Troubles can snowball. Success can snowball into greatness. Fights can snowball.

    I’ve looked back to find that one experience…one situation…that created a snowball effect in my life that left me with a healthy body. This motivated my thinking. What began the change? Why was that one experience so remarkable? The only thing I can think of is that everything, all of it, was on my terms and for whatever reason, something just stuck.

    We all follow the fad diets and workouts because that is the information we have at that moment. The only problem is that we are all created differently. What may set one person in motion, may halt another. Continue reading


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    I have done everything. Literally everything, from starving, to eating as much as I could place in my mouth, to The Zone, to Adkins, to Portion Control, to calorie counting, to the Paleo Diet, to all that has been obsessed over, and I have been right there obsessing with everyone. It wasn’t until I had a breakthrough that the yo-yo snapped and now there is no guessing. Yes, there will always be questions, but guessing is an absolutely different concept.

    With all of the questions I receive about my fitness and diet, I felt as though I should write something. There are millions of good things written about health and fitness in books and on the Internet, but with the millions of ideas comes the confusion. I’ve been there. Often times confused because I’m receiving information from someone that does not have my genetics or body type. One thing I can bring to the table…I am not naturally thin. I truly have come to thin-ness on a long journey of trial and error. I am a master of this trade by simply doing—everything. So I want to address all sides of the spectrum. Continue reading